Foxconn’t do this

I use Apple products every day and have been told many times that these products might possibly have been made by people who work in horrible conditions. Does it make me feel bad? I’m not sure because I need some of these products for school and life in general. Also, most of what I’ve heard is rumor. It’s interesting to listen to Mike Daisy as he actually went to the place where all these products are made. He tells in a captivating way the story of his findings at Foxconn in Shenzhen.

Everything Mike Daisy spoke about did not surprise me, although I question the credibility of his story. While talking with a 14 year old girl, Daisy explained how the little girl told him it wasn’t rare to see underage workers on the production lines. To get away with this, Foxconn “pulled everyone from the infected line and replaced them with the oldest workers during inspection.” Daisy then went on to say he saw a 12 year old and 13 year old during his visit. This is hard to believe when Foxconn employs over 430,000 people and only around 90 of them were found to be underage as said at the end of the podcast. This would mean that finding one, let alone three, underage kids would be a 0.0002 percent chance.

The conditions of the workplace of what people went through sounds brutal if what Mike Daisy says is true. The story about the man who literally destroyed his hand from a metal press and was fired for being too slow on the production line makes me upset especially because he wasn’t given any compensation for medical help. Also with 13 people sleeping in rooms that are 12X12 together sounds like jail rather than work. If these findings are true, Foxconn needs to figure out a way to remedy that situation.

            It was mentioned that Apple and Foxconn did not want to comment on Mike Daisy’s performance during the podcast. I’m wondering if they are hiding something or just didn’t feel it necessary to respond. It will be interesting to see if there will be a follow up podcast on this topic.


One response to “Foxconn’t do this

  1. It’s a great point to bring up about whether or not we should feel guilty for using Apple products. I think its hard to reconcile for some people, myself included

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