Not Convinced…

    I would like to start off my post by stating that Mr. Daisey is a very good story teller. Yes, he may have had an experience in China that was very close to how he described it, but I think you can almost hear the exaggeration/bias in his voice. My opinion may be a bit harsh, but I am not convinced if this podcast is 100% accurate. Contrary to what many think, China is a very developed country with a growing and advanced infrastructure. Yes, there may be cases where labor laws are broken and workers are treated poorly, but let us not forget that China is not a gruesome third-world country that does not care about its people and only wants to make money. Also, let us not forget that there are companies across the U.S. that also have poor conditions and break a variety of labor laws. I would like to see more formal reports and documentation than one man’s account and a website.

      Regarding the podcast, as is, however, I do find the accusations Mr. Daisey makes to be horrible. If what he is saying is in fact the case, then I would like to think that something is being done about it. It infuriates me that a company with a reputation such as Apple’s, would allow itself to stoop to such low levels and endanger human lives in order to make a few extra bucks, especially when Apple is sitting on so much cash that it doesn’t even know what to do with it. Unfortunately, even if all of these accusations were 100% accurate, the American people would most likely choose their precious iPhones over attempting to make a difference. A small % of people would boycott Apple’s products and protest in an attempt to raise awareness of what is going on, but the majority of people in the US will see the report on the nightly news, say “oh that’s horrible”, and continue to text on their iPhones.

     After listening to this podcast, I would like to know a lot more information on this topic. First, I would like to know Mr. Daisey’s background (though it may seem irrelevant, me being a bit pessimistic of this article I would like to know his educational, employment, and even political backgrounds). Next, I would like to have seen physical video evidence of these accusations. No one can make these accusations have a serious impact, if there is not serious physical evidence to show the public. Also, I would like to know what the Chinese government/Apple/related companies did after this podcast was released to the public and how they responded to such accusations.


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2 responses to “Not Convinced…

  1. I agree with you. After listening to the podcast I also questioned its credibility. As I said in my post, there would be a 0.0002% chance of finding an underage worker and he just happened to do so. I liked your point in that video evidence would make his performance more credible. “No one can make these accusations have a serious impact, if there is not serious physical evidence to show the public.” I agree.

  2. The first sentence of your post is very interesting. While you intend it to be a concession before your critique of Mr. Daisey’s work, I find it to strengthen your argument. Mr. Daisey is an excellent story-teller. His skill makes it nearly impossible to detach fact from fiction. and this makes knowing the truth extremely difficult. He makes such intense accusations that they deserve a nearly scientific study of the events happening in China. An artistic portrayal would be more appropriate after more official studies have been completed, so that the audience is not left questioning its validity, as we are here.

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