Blog Post 2- EXTRA- Getting to Know You…

Some extra Blogging Homework this week.  It should be easy.  Its about getting to know… wordpress (cue classic musical song).

1) I want you to  personalize your user name so we know who is who.

a) Change your display name to something distinct (dos not have to be your real name).

b) Make your gravatar (the image of you) image something distinct.

Read on!

2) Explore  I want you to go visit a previous version of this blog, listed below. In the comments to THIS POST. describe one detail or item you saw you liked.  This can be as simple as something about lay out or design to a particular theme or type of post to the use of multimedia.  Please include a HYPERLINK to what you liked.  Bonus- if you can embed your hyperlink, I’ll think you are very cool.  There are at least two ways, and one is the coolest.




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25 responses to “Blog Post 2- EXTRA- Getting to Know You…

  1. I thought the second version of the blog was very neat and easy to read. I loved the layout and thought it looked very professional. The simple black bold font for titles easily stood out and was followed by smaller font with colorful pictures within the articles. I thought the side columns were also very easy to follow and the directions for the blog was nicely displayed next the individuals post. I thought this made it very clear what the author’s blog stemmed from. I thought even the main header picture was neat and artsy as it fit in with the sophisticated and sleek style of the blog. Additionally, the section of the page was creatively displayed following two // which stuck with the theme of technology that the picture behind it also displayed. I enjoyed the all black and white style and it made the pictures pop when they were used within a blog. Again, I thought the overall image was of a professional blog that was easy to follow and understand the layout.

    • Wow. That is about FIVE things you liked.

      The blog instructions on the sidebar is easy to repeat. Did you l like that author in particular? Dana was a great writer and her personality came through in her voice readily.

      I also liked that theme a lot as it looked more like a newspaper. I can pay more for even more fonts, but I’m not sure it is worth it as I am not sure how I’d get all of you all trained to use them. I still know how to embed links, like this one to fonts we could pay to use, into my comments. You can learn too!

      Next, I need to learn images.
      smiley face

      Now I do! This one is smaller.

  2. I looked at BizGovSoc1, and was impressed by the simple, clean layout. One thing that i found particularly useful was how everything you needed was right there from left to right under the picture of that forest thing. There was nothing fancy, but it was efficient and convenient.

  3. As I scrolled through the blogs from years past, I came across a particular post that I thought was relevant in today’s society however, commonly disregarded. Cell phones, a very necessary object to carry around daily, have become a social crutch. As opposed to having conversations with friends, people are more consumed with their cellular life. I think the following post captures exactly how we should all take moments to turn off the phone and enjoy the people we are with.

  4. I like BizGovSociii the best. I like the simplicity of it and I like that each blog post is visibly separated from the rest. I also really like how on the left-hand side in the black boxes, you can view things such as tags, recent posts, and, most importantly, “this week’s prompt.” I like that the blog prompt instructions are on each page, instead of written as a blog post. I can even view the prompt while reading someone else’s blog post, like on this page, for example: However, I would prefer it if the instructions were at the top of the page, so I wouldn’t have to scroll down to view them.

  5. I liked the second version’s layout and theme best. The simple, black fonts made the blog look clean and appropriate for the course. I also found that the locations and organization of the various sidebars made them easy to navigate. While the first page was similar to the second, I preferred the second because the picture was smaller and looked sleeker.

  6. I believe that the BizGovSoc1 blog has the most aesthetically pleasing design. The landscape at the top of the page makes the initial visit to the website friendly and personal. I also feel that the black font and minimalistic design of its posts makes the blog more about the context, less so about what the blog looks like. I am more obliged to read through the posts because I am not distracted by the layout.

  7. I found the theme of third version (BizGovSociii) to be well laid-out. I prefer to have content on the right of the page, most likely due to use of Gmail and Apple programs where the menus are on the left. I also thought the simple color scheme and background allowed for the content of the blog to be the focus. If a blog’s main page is too cluttered, it distracts the reader from the whole purpose of having a blog in the first place.

  8. I thought that BizGovSoc 1 had the best layout. I loved the scenic picture at the top of the blog and thought it was really convenient that the bar underneath the picture displayed blogging tips and inspirtations for writing. I also loved “the cloud” on the right hand side. I think it’s really trendy and is a great way for people to visual what is being said throughout the blog. As far as the general layout, I really think that the white background with a little bit of color is great. It wasn’t too overwhelming and wasn’t just black and white- which I think is key is in making an attractive yet functional blog.

  9. I LOVED BizGovSociii’s page. The well organized and brightly colored posts were easy to read. I was more captured by the images on the page, they were interesting and made me what to read what the blog was about. The other pages were less appealing and less memorable. Just a plain white background with lots of jumbled words does not make me want to read the page.

  10. BizGovSociii is by far my favorite. Not only do the colors make it a bit more lively and interesting, but the layout is perfect. You can clearly see the recent posts and how they’re separated. It was slightly hard to distinguish when a post ended and when a post began with the other two versions. I also really enjoy the Tags section with all of the meta tags from the posts. It easily lets you find a topic you might be interested in or want to check up on. From a social media stand point I think this one takes the cake: attractive and functional.

  11. My favorite page is BizGovSociii. The colors are attention grabbing, and the layout seems fairly easy to navigate. My favorite features are the boxes on the left side of the page; they make it simple to get to any category with just a quick glance. I like that the week’s prompt is visible even when you leave the homepage. This makes it easy to reference the assignment when reading posts.

  12. I liked the bizgovsociii blog mainly because it was easy to read. I liked how each post only had a preview on the main page with only a few sentences about the post. I prefer that style to posting the entire story on the main page because I do not have to spend so much time scrolling.

  13. Like many of my classmates, I am a fan of the BizGovSocii website. I like that the layout is bold and clear, which draws you to the words on the page and makes it easy to read at the same time. I like all of the information on the side. The site is very easy to navigate which, for someone who isn’t as familiar with blogs like me, is a definite bonus.

  14. I found the BizGovSociii’s most easily accessible. The blue background really grabbed my attention and the colorful graphics made me want to keep scrolling down the page to look for more. The tags and categories on the left side were bold and easily to read. I liked how the posts were only previews of the full posts because I could easily read a few sentences and decide if it was something I was interested in, otherwise I could easily scroll past it.

  15. After looking at the three different blogs, I find that BizGovSociii ( is my favorite. The layout is easy to follow and the categories no the left hand side are easily accessible. I found the other two blogs to be difficult to follow at times and plan. The colors in BizGovSociii caught my attention and I think we should incorporate this for our blog.

  16. My favorite blog was BizGovSociii. I thought that it was easy to navigate, and the color choice made it easy to read, while still being very aesthetically pleasing. I also thought that the fact that the posts looked similar to ichats on the iPhone was very cool. It was also the blog that made me want to continue to scroll down the most.

  17. I looked at Bizgovsociety2 and was really impressed with the layout, and organization of the page. It was easy to read, and had a unique flow that added alot to the authors writing. I also liked how they went beyond simple text, and used graphics to illustrate their point. The graph at the bottom of the page really compliments the post well.

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