Blog post 2- The Retraction

Hello Again.
For Week 2, listen to another podcast- you can get it right from the This American Life website.  You can also purchase it from iTunes OR get the TAL app (at least for droid) and listen to one archive show (but app is not free).  TAL is lots of fun, by the way, with lots of funny stuff too like the poultry slam.

Click “more” to get further instructions.

For this week, after you listen, write a post (3-4 paragrpahs) in which you explore one error, falsehood, or exaggeration.  Can you fact check the fact checkers?  Use your best RESEARCH skills to see what you can learn.  ALWAYS embed links in your posts.  Read this support page for how to use the visual editor.  Have fun!

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One response to “Blog post 2- The Retraction

  1. So, another student asked me if any falsehood would do, or one from the podcast.

    I meant the podcast!

    BUT, here is a little snippet of American pop culture history you should know. Song sounds sweet, but its got some radical ideas about falsehoods.

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