In my last blog I claimed Mike Daisy might be lying when he said he spoke to underage workers when there could have been only a 0.0002 percent chance of that happening.  If I was skeptical, This American Life should also have been skeptical. I believe it is just as much a This American Life’s mistake as it was Mike Daisy’s mistake for lying about a lot of the things he said. That story should never have been posted and now there are people out there that actually believe what Mike Daisy claims. I believe Mike Daisy was also lying when he said the main reason for his performance was to make people care about what was happening in China. I think he’s just trying to make a quick buck and should never be allowed to perform that again. None of his shows should ever be taken seriously. Listening to the way he answered questions about why he lied shows that he never thought he was going to get caught. He beat around the bush in every answer he gave.

In Mike Daisy’s monologue he discusses all the horrible things he “heard” about dealing with labor conditions but never mentioned the fact the Apple or Foxconn are doing things to improve them. In a Wall Street Journal article, Drew Fitzgerald writes that Foxconn is making physical improvements on their safety equipment and also is giving unemployment insurance to more workers. Mike Daisy was right in the fact that a lot of workers are working more then 60 hours a week. In the same Wall Street Journal Article, in January it was found that 38% of workers abide by the 60-hour rule. This is not just Apple and Foxconn fault. Workers also want to work more so they can make more money.

Mike Daisy is a fraud in my eye and shouldn’t ever be taken seriously. I’m disappointed in This American Life to just take his word without looking into it first. I believe the image of Mike Daisy has gone down and he deserves it. You can’t make things up and expect to get away with it. In the end, everyone gets caught.


2 responses to “Disappointed

  1. I can see why your so turned off by his lies but I think its a little extreeme to say that he was only in this to make a quick buck. Firstly, small stage productions are generally not made with the purpose of making people rich, furthermore those that tackle humanitarian issues are generally even less lucrative. I think that Daisey was being genuine in answering the interview questions, and it took him a long time to answer because he had to carefully formulate how to come clean about his actions, without damaging his cause.

    • I think what matters is that Mike made up his lies in order to make the narrative of his story more compelling. I do not think he wanted to champion a rally against Apple for the good of the Chinese workers, I think he wanted to create a story based on hot topics in the news. Everyone loves to talk about Apple and human rights stories always get publicity. Kathy states that when Mike showed up in China, he already had appointments with the companies he wanted to see. It wasn’t a revelation he had once he arrived there and saw the conditions, he arrived there with a plan and a purpose. Instead of a quick buck, I think he wanted quick fame. That explains why he quickly allowed TAL to air his story, it would reach a much broader audience. I don’t think it was his plan to let the story go into news syndication as journalism, he just wanted fame on the stage. But TAL publicity was too sweet of a deal for him to pass up.

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