He is an Entertainer

Last week I commented on one of my classmate’s blog stating that Mr. Daisy seems to be exaggerating some of the stories.  Again, I am not surprised.  He is an entertainer; he is trying to draw a crowd with his “drama”.

“Chinese factory workers sipping coffee at Starbucks”, this part of the retraction made me “lol”.  How did I miss this?  How did the “This American Life” broadcasters not catch this? How did the audience not question this?  I blame the “This American Life” broadcasters this story should not have been presented as fact, but just purely entertainment.  Mr. Daisy just wants to make money.  Like “Kathy” said he is a writer and an actor not a journalist.  If Mr. Daisy was trying to pass his work off as purely factual then he is morally and ethically wrong.  The ideas of “honest labeling is very important”.

As I listen to his interview on “This American Life”, I realize that the bottom line is this guy was caught in a lie.  He should not be rewarded for try to make money regardless of the truth.  This just goes to show you that taking people’s words at face value is a very dangerous thing to do.  It is very important that we as educated individuals look up the facts for ourselves and decide for ourselves what is true and what is not true.  I find this very important especially when looking into politics.  However, although the most memorable events were fabricated, we still need to understand that there is a problem in manufacturing plants in countries such as china.

In “fact checking”, I came across an online article on TIME WORLD Magazine.  The article was titled “Chinese Factory under Scrutiny as Suicides Mount”, the article stated the number of suicides at Foxconn for that year was 10.  It also mentioned that Foxconn was a Taiwan own company, which I did not know.   According to Juliette Garside, a reporter for The Guardian, “researchers claim that intimidation, exhaustion and labour right violations ‘remain the norm’ for the hundreds of thousands of Chinese iPhone workers, despite Apple redoubling its efforts to improve conditions”.  This article came out on May 30, 2012.


4 responses to “He is an Entertainer

  1. I too was amazed that I completely thought nothing of Mr. Dasiey’s comment about workers congregating at a Starbucks in the first podcast. After hearing it mentioned in the retraction, I was surprised that TAL did not pick up on it when initially hearing the story. It is one thing for me to glaze over such a minute and silly detail, but a news source should have definitely caught on. Starbucks was definitely a questionable detail to throw into his story if he was trying to make it sound believable. You would think that Daisey would have been more careful with the details he used to embellish his story.

  2. I almost feel as if Mr. Daisy wanted to get caught. In the beginning of “Retraction”, he mentions that he lied about the name of the interpreter, Kathy. It was later determined that the name of the interpreter actually was Kathy. If he just wanted to live this lie, I feel like all he would need to do is just give the translator a completely different name. It was so easy for Rob Schmidt to find this interpreter. I’m sure Rob would have gone through a more in-depth investigation if he wasn’t able to find the interpreter so easily, and could have possibly found her through other methods, but to me, it almost feels as if Mr. Daisy giving out her real name was him just asking to get caught. I’m confused about it. Is he that dumb?

  3. I agree with you that he wanted to get caught. It just seemed too easy to figure out that he was lying. I don’t think he simply forgot to change the name of his translator. I think that it was interesting that he was willing to sacrifice his personal reputation to spread awareness of a serious problem.

  4. I think that the point of the monologue was to entertain the audience, but when you throw out accusations to the company with the largest market value ever, you’d better either say it’s all fictional from the beginning, or be able to prove it. Daisey didn’t do this, and he didn’t give any legitimate excuses. If your going into the monologue as an entertainer, make sure people know that’s what you are.

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