Daisey, Interrupted

I  met workers who were thirteen years old, I met workers who were twelve. Do you really think Apple doesn’t know?…

“Excuse me! Mr. Daisey, my name is Cheng and I am a manager of a Foxconn factory. I’ve been listening here in the back, trying to remain anonymous and hidden, but I’m astounded by your dishonesty. Either that or you’re a fool. My factory is employed by Apple and I know that you that are feeding these people with false information. [Turns to the audience] There are no guns held by the guards, and I have never seen a 12-year-old working in my factory or in anyone else’s. Wouldn’t you trust a man who has worked at Foxconn for over 10 years? I’m telling you, Mr. Daisey is a liar. He said himself that he knows nothing about Chinese culture. It is offensive to my people that he can’t tell a 12-year-old from an 18-year-old!

[Turns back to Mr. Daisey] “Mr. Daisey, I know you are lying. I understand your message but please reconsider the rest of your performance. I know that Foxconn isn’t perfect but I must remain loyal to my company. They have allowed me to come to America and see Americans using the products we make firsthand. I am proud to make the products you love but, please, stop.”


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