Exploration of Apple in Paper 1

For my first paper, I would like to explore a homework question from last week. I plan to write about Apple and how the public misconstrues their social responsibility. As a company, they are perceived by the public to be ethical and moral due to their “special brand” however, their company practices proves this a fraudulent statement. With that being said, is the company strictly a shareholder managed company? Or do reforms and promises of change in the future shift them towards a stakeholder managed firm? How do social sciences interact with this tension? Because Apple is considered a “special brand” will there ever be a reason to change position? Is being a shareholder managed firm necessarily a negative thing? All questions will hopefully be answered.


One response to “Exploration of Apple in Paper 1

  1. I really like your paper topic! After hearing both podcasts and knowing some general information about Apple, I am also really interested to know what Apple is really like. Are they actually a sustainable brand like their simple advertising lets on? Or are their products and factories cheating many people out of a healthy and well-deserved life?

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