Implanted the virus

Page 59: I would keep my head down. And I would tell my story. And tonight—we know the truth.

“Tonight we did hear Mike Daisey’s story, but tonight we did not learn the truth. To learn the truth, Mike Daisey would have had to tell his story without the fabrications and exaggerations. He would have had to use real accounts. But Mike Daisey is a performer not a journalist, and his goal for this monologue was not to tell the truth, but to instead spread a virus. To encode you with a story. To make you aware of who is behind the creation of your consumer products. His message is not just about Apple products. It is not just about FoxConn. It is more. It is about the bigger message.

Guards do not carry guns at FoxConn, but there are guards.

Mike Daisey did not speak to handfuls of underage workers. But underage workers do exist.

Mike Daisey did not meet with workers who were affected by n-hexane. But workers in other factories across China were affected and seriously harmed by the toxin.

Mike Daisey is not here to tell a journalistic story with fact-checked accounts and irrefutable evidence. Others have tried this method, but few consumers were willing to really listen. Some of his points are exaggerations; some of his points are complete lies and assumptions. But the message is meant to be clear. We, as US consumers, are tied to our products. We share a connection and a passion to them. Whether it be Apple, or Nike, or Reebok, or Samsung, these products are being manufactured abroad. They are the work of thousands and thousands of employees. Some of these workers are underage. Some of these workers are undergoing 12 or more hour work shifts. Some of these workers are faced with long-term illnesses due to the conditions they are put through.


Image from CBS news of guard at Foxconn

Mike Daisey claimed earlier in his monologue “he would lie to lots of people.”

That is what he did tonight. He lied, but was he justified in doing so? Did he get the message across? Did he plant the virus? Next time you look at your consumer products will you at least think of the workers who spent taxing hours on it? Will you think of the suicides that may have been caused by the creation of your products? Mike Daisey is a performer, did his performance move you?”

..You can read it in the newspapers…


3 responses to “Implanted the virus

  1. Reading this, I’m imagining a moderator coming from the background to close the show. It is a great summation/explanation of the play and I think it would have an impact on listeners. The questions you pose and the order of the topics would certainly resonate with the audience.

  2. I agree that this would be a good way to end the performance, and it certainly would capture the attention of audience members. This excerpt does a good job at shedding light on some of the lies that Daisey told while also noting that although certain events may have been fabricated, similar situations have occurred elsewhere in China.

  3. This is definitely the best way to end the play that I can think of. I really think that you did a great job not focusing so much on the lying, but on the bigger picture. I totally agree that even though lies were made, people should have a better understanding and knowledge of what goes in to their products. The questions at the very end were a great touch, especially since they were open ended and would really make the audience think.

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