Interruption – Steve Jobs Speaks

Steve Jobs: Excuse me, but can I just stop you for a moment, Mr. Daisy?  I’ve tried to sit here and listen to you talk about me and my company, but I won’t keep quiet anymore. Oh wait, I forgot to ask you if you knew who I am. But since you seem to already know so much about me, it seems as though introducing myself is English: Steve Jobs shows off the white iPhone...unnecessary. Now, I really don’t want to embarrass you, Mike, during your own performance, but you are doing a pretty good job of making me seem like an ignorant executive, so what the hell.  Let’s just stop with all of the lies, Mike.  One trip to Shenzhen and you clearly think you know it all about Foxconn and their operations. It seems like you can’t help but embellish the number of underage workers you actually encountered and about your experience with the guards at the factory.  I get what you’re trying to do, Mike.  You’re trying to make a point and take Apple and I down along the way, but do you not see that you are just hurting yourself and your own reputation?

Why don’t you try to continue the rest of this performance by telling the truth? Let me show you how. (Looks to audience) Hi, I’m Steve Jobs.  I am Apple. I created the products that you all know, adore, and use. Do I know where Apple products are made? Yes, I do. Do I know that these conditions may not be the most ideal factory conditions? Yes, I do. But do I have any control about how Foxconn is running their factory? No, I don’t. Is Apple Foxconn? No, it’s not.  Look Mike, I just told the truth. Now you try!


3 responses to “Interruption – Steve Jobs Speaks

  1. I think the way in which you use Steve Jobs voice to interrupt Mike Daisey is interesting. The way in which you exploit Mike Daisey as a fraud with sarcasm is definitely consistent with Mike Daisey’s own story telling. I hope Steve Jobs would take offense to Mike Daisey’s accusations; they have placed Apple under a considerable amount of scrutiny. However, when you are “showing” Mike Daisey how to tell the truth, you affirm that Steve Jobs does not have any control over how Foxconn runs their factories, do you know this is accurate? I was hesitant myself over whether or not Steve Jobs and Apple could reform conditions in Foxconn factories – have you found any evidence that this is or is not the case?

  2. I haven’t been able to figure out whether or not it is actually the case, but I was kind of going off some of our discussions in class more so when I added that line. From what I know, Apple does not own Foxconn or run their operations, they just use them as a supplier. So to me, it seems as though Apple (or Steve Jobs) would not have control over how Foxconn runs their factories. I’d be really interested to find an article that explicitly states whether or not this is the case, but so far I’ve only been able to find opinionated articles that go both ways.

  3. Lindsey I think your humorous Steve Jobs interruption would be a great fit in Daisey’s play. It is not clear how much control Apple wields over the actual daily operations at Foxconn but it does raise a very interesting area to explore later on in the play. At the very least including Steve Jobs and a senior level manager from Foxconn brings a much needed balance into Daisey’s story and would make for a valuable confrontation. I’d really like to see how everything pans out following Steve’s request of “Now you try!”

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