Paper Topic

One topic I was thinking about for my paper was examining Lehman Brothers, and how company wide ethics may have affected it’s downfall and subsequent role in the beginning of the Great Recession.  Obviously we are going through a time of economic downturn, and most have blamed the lack of risk management within the numerous institutions.  I think it would be fascinating to really delve into the key things that brought Lehman Brothers down, and how this ultimately created a domino effect within the industry.  This hasn’t happened in such a fashion since the Great Depression, and I would love to look into it.


One response to “Paper Topic

  1. This sounds really interesting. Do you plan to compare it to Enron or one of the other cases we discussed in class? It seems that would be the most complimentary to Lehman Bros. of the cases we have done so far. A comparison of the two situations could be useful in seeing how ethical/unethical decisions were made.

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