Time out Mr. Daisey

Reporter from TAL: Now wait just a minute Mr. Daisey.  Because your sitting here, spinning quite an enthralling tale to these people.  And their loving it, and I don’t blame them.  But what your also doing is trying to create fact out of fiction.  And your presenting this fiction with no acknowledgement that it’s fiction.  The fact is, many of the things your saying are untrue.  You never encountered any armed guards.  You never met a claw-handed man.  No worker who’s path you crossed was 12 or 13, as you say.  Foxconn has 1.2 million employees, 17 of whom committed suicide.  That translates to .00001%.  By comparison, 476 out of 16,887 male doctors committed suicide, a rate of 2.8%.

Your primary job is to entertain people.  That’s what your profession is, that’s how you make your living.  By your own admission, you have no legitimate journalistic experience.  However, that is how I make living.  And it took me a shockingly short amount of time to uncover the falsehoods you’ve been passing off as truth.  I have nothing against creating a compelling account.  Just don’t try to mislead your audience and the general public by parading it as fact.

2 responses to “Time out Mr. Daisey

  1. I don’t know if this was your intention but it seems like your tone/writing style matches Daisey’s. Reading this, it sounds as if it would work really well when read aloud because it blends into the existing script’s style. Also, it seems like it could work in a variety of points throughout the script.

  2. I thought it was really interesting how you chose to present your monologue from a reporter from TAL’s point of view. Clearly Ira Glass and his fellow employees held back and could not fully express their anger in the retraction podcast because it was broadcasted to the American public. I think this is a good example of what a reporter would actually say to Mr. Daisey to express their discontent with his story. Including facts and statistics also helped back up the point of view you were writing from and helped discredit Mr. Daisey even further.

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