America Says No to Mr. Daisey!


She says, “You…will lie to them.”
And I say, “Yes, Cathy. I’m going to lie to lots of people.”


(Man walks out onto stage wearing American Flag t-shirt and pants while holding a mini American Flag)

Hello world…my name is Andy America, and what makes me special? Nothing really, I am just your average American. But I am here to represent all of the voices of men and women around the nation that should be heard!

I love patriotism.

I love freedom.

I love baseball, hot dogs, and a tall cool Budweiser.

But most importantly…I love truth and justice for all. Let me repeat that…TRUTH and justice for all.

Yes Mike Daisey, you will be lying to a lot of people. You will be and you have been.

I, Andy America, am here to inform you America…that Mr. Daisey here is not a journalist but an actor. I am here to set things straight.

I am not here to divulge all of the minute details to which Mr. Daisey has fabricated, but to educate you…as one fellow American to another!!

(National anthem starts playing softly in the background)

Do not conform and fall into the trap of the evil that is false journalism. Educate yourself and take a stand against all who claim to be so called “journalists”. Do your research, find your own voice and speak out against injustice and lies!

America, it’s time to take a stand. I believe that each individual possesses the ability to think for themselves. I believe in a smarter and more informed nation. Why not start now?

Enjoy the theatrics of Mr. Daisey. Laugh, cry, and be moved by his words. But do not be fooled by his false claims.

Take it upon yourselves to personally know where all your shit is made and let’s make America… (pause for effect) …a more trustworthy and knowledgeable place.


One response to “America Says No to Mr. Daisey!

  1. Timing is everything and I think that this interruption couldn’t be placed at a better time. Before Mike Daisey spins his web of lies, I love that a fictitious character suddenly appears and warns the audience about what they are about to hear. I think that if it were performed at Bucknell, it would prompt a lot of questions about this issue, which is healthy and productive.

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