Cathy Speaks

Following Mr. Daisey’s n-hexane story, a quiet voice interjects from the back of the room:

Excuse me, Mr. Daisey? I am sorry to interrupt, but I have something important to say. I heard you were performing a monologue based on your findings from your trip to China and I wanted to hear what you had to say. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Cathy Lee and I was Mr. Daisey’s translator during his trip to Shenzhen. While I find this performance to be captivating, I am intrigued for all the wrong reasons. I can state now that the stories Mr. Daisey is telling you are not entirely factual. I cannot sit here and let you be lied to. We did not see any victims who suffered from n-hexane poisoning, as this incident has not occurred in Shenzhen to date. There was no encounter with a man whose life was ruined by uncontrollable shaking.

Gasps arise from the audience, but Cathy continues.

I also feel that it is important to tell you that none of the guards were carrying guns, Mr. Daisey and I did not encounter a man with a claw hand nor did we meet underage workers outside the gates of the Foxconn factory. I think you all, as paying customers, need to know the true facts regarding these bold statements Mr. Daisey, I think you are a terrific actor. You have captivated this audience and I respect the message you are trying to convey to your viewers. However, as the person responsible for translating their words, I have a duty to the Foxconn workers to ensure that their statements and opinions are accurately represented. Right now, they are not. Conditions in Shenzhen are not perfect, but they are not nearly as bad as you are making them out to be. I respectfully request that you tell the truth in the future and give the factory workers the respect they deserve. Thank you for your time.


2 responses to “Cathy Speaks

  1. I like this. This would be excellent to have in the show! I can see it happen: during Daisey’s monologue, have Cathy get everyone’s attention. When she starts to speak, Daisey gets visibly unnerved, because he knows Cathy is aware of the truth. Then she says her spiel and sits down, hoping people stop looking at her. Then everyone just stares at Mike. Judging him. How could someone continue their monologue after that?! Great job.

  2. I like this because it reprimands Daisey, but also shows a certain understanding on Cathy’s part which I think was apparent in the interview with her on TAL. It might also be good to say in there that she is aware poisoning with N-Hexane did occur in other parts of the country, at other times so the audience knows where he got that from (even though it wasn’t where he said he got it from). Overall, I think this is a really good way to bring in the problems with the monologue through the voice of Cathy.

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