Courageous Cathy

And I say, “That’s true. I am not going to buy their products.”

She says, “You…will lie to them.”

And I say, “Yes, Cathy. I’m going to lie to lots of people.”

Cathy timidly enters the room, she appears angered yet nervous:

And you have succeeded at lying to many people, Mike Daisey – a nations worth of people.

When I offered to help your cause, I was sure you had ethical motivations. Your purpose seemed empathetic to the Chinese factory workers and you wanted to publicize the truth.

After being contacted by the gentleman at This American Life, I felt exploited. I went along with your charade because you seemed different; I believed you could expose these businessman and Foxconn, and Apple, for their wrongdoings. I thought you could change the conditions in these factories.

But you consequently made things worse. With your lies, and fraudulent depictions, your story has been polluted. The public primarily focuses on the bad – they criticize, before they focus on the good. That is what they will do with your message; they will see it all as a lie, and your message will no longer be significant.

Cathy gradually gets more angered, her fists clench, and her volume begins to rise:

“Apple is not really that bad,” they will say, “Mike Daisey made up everything anyway – lets go get the new iPhone!” And the consumer will continue purchasing, and your message will slip into obsolescence, like the iPhone 3.


I commented to This American Life that you are an actor, a writer – so exaggerating to generate concern of Apple could be justified. But you have gone too far. Publishing this piece on a journalistic radio show, appearing on news networks, asserting your story as factual; your stardom is based on a lie – and I cannot let that continue.

She uses a pleading tone:

If only you had told the truth -the complete truth, from the get-go. Your message would have carried! Your message was powerful as it stood; n-hexane poisoning in the neighboring town, inhuman treatment in factories of legal aged workers, meetings with employees in a restaurant. Exaggerating and modifying the truth stained your story; but if told honestly, it would have been memorable.

Cathy speaks urgently, her tone very serious:

With that being said, I am stepping forward. America, Mike Daisey tried to keep me hidden, so I would not be able to remark on his story. But I am here now – telling you that although his story has some truth, he cannot be trusted. Apple deserves to be put under the American “microscope”, but under accurate accusations.  He will not outwardly say it but I will – I apologize for his fraudulence, and I hope you focus on the truth and the important, not the deceit.


One response to “Courageous Cathy

  1. I thought this interruption was great! Mine was in the exact same spot but from the voice of the American people. I loved being able to see this from another’s voice, specifically Kathy’s in this situation. I believe you did her justice with what she would have said and how she would have reacted. She knew that Mike Daisey wasn’t a journalist all along and I bet if she knew that he was trying to play it off that way, she would have been furious just as you portrayed it.

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