How Mike Daisey inspired Steve Job’s latest creation

The following takes place during Mike Daisey’s “live show.” 


Unknown:      Mike Daisey (In a Deep Godly Voice)

Mike Daisey: (Continues telling his show)

Unknown:      Mike Daisey! (In a Deep Godly Voice)

Mike Daisey: Uhh, Yes?

Unknown:      Mike Daisey, This is Steve Jobs! How dare you disgrace my name and my company with your lies and deceit!

Mike Daisey: Mr. Jobs? I am hon… (interrupted by Jobs)

Steve Jobs:     Mike Daisey, you are the worst type of liar! You lie and do not even admit that you have lied. I was relaxing in my afterlife when I heard about your deceptive piece of garbage.

Mike Daisey: I can explain, it was Cathy, she is the one…

SJ:                    SILENCE!… I have spent years studying Buddhism and achieving a higher understanding of life and forgiveness. But, I cannot begin to fathom why you would speak such libel against my company. Do you not enjoy my creations?! You love listening to NPR podcasts on your Ipod Touch or using your Ipad to browse blogs. You, Mike Daisey are a two-face liar and should be silenced for the worlds protection.

MD:                 But, Foxconn… It’s extremely harsh and rough! There are guards with guns and suicides.

SJ:                    The guns are for employee protection and suicide is unfortunately present in every society and company. Foxconn offers solid wages for youth who have trouble finding work.

MD:                 I have never thought of Foxconn that way!

SJ:                    No, you wouldn’t because you were only concerned with drawing negative attention to Apple.

MD:                 No..

SJ:                    Mike Daisey! You will surely appreciate Apples latest creation, “ICheck,” it is truly one of a kind. It is placed on your tongue and gently implants itself permanently. Anything that you say will be verified via Apples smart computer. All lies will be identified in one of two ways. Instead of the lying words coming out of your mouth, there only be silence. For professional liars, like you Mike Daisey, a loud annoying foghorn sound will be emitted to censor your lies.

MD:                 Mr. Jobs are you being serious?

SJ:                    Of course I am! I am testing the ICheck as we speak!… Oh and Mike it is made at Foxconn!… Carry on with your theatrics, I mean journalism!





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