Imma Let You Finish…

Hey yo Mike, Imma let you finish but, this monologue is one of the biggest jokes of all time. So I’ve just got to know, how do you feel? I mean, you’re lying about just about everything right now. You’re just backing yourself into a corner with no way out. Doesn’t that make you sick?  You came to me for help and I gave it to you. I didn’t know that you were going to make a story out of this. You could really hurt my credibility.

But some of these things that you’re saying, I just don’t understand how anyone could possibly believe them. In fact, I must really credit your theatrical ability for creating a heartfelt fictional script. First of all, you want us all to believe that it was impossible to find me? Hey, I’m right here. I was right there throughout the experience with you. No, the guards didn’t have guns. No, Foxconn work isn’t centered around 12 and 13 year old kids. And do you really think that people working with such low wages are scrapping their money together to buy an overpriced cup of coffee? Come on Mike. Did you even ask the workers how they felt about Foxconn? The way that you are painting this picture right now is unfair to Foxconn, Apple, and me. If you truly feel that lying is the only way to get people to care, you are a sick individual. But yea, I respect you. Sticking to your guns, and locking out the only person who could actually validate your story. Not a bad plan Mike. Not bad at all. Keep doin you. Really seems to be paying dividends.


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