Interruption: Why Were You There?

This would be placed in the beginning, when Mr. Daisey first meets Cathy/arrives in China.


“When I look at you Mr. Daisey, I’m slightly puzzled.  You said you were a journalist, or are you more of a writer, and a director.  I don’t know exactly what to say.  I don’t know if I should think you were writing a play, or a story, or an article.

So why were you really in China.”

Mr. Daisey Responds:

“I’m was there to find a story, and that is all I can say.  I knew there was a problem.  I had seen it.  I had seen it reflected back at me in the shiny black surface of my new iPad.  What the problem was exactly, I didn’t know.  Where the problem was, I wasn’t completely sure.  How I was going to talk about it, I had no idea.  What I did know, was that I had to convey the atmosphere of Foxconn.  I had to convey the suffering people were experiencing.  To capture that emotion, I knew I would have to stretch the truth at times.  I would have to use my own experience, but also second hand stories, and sometimes even stories that may never have happened.  The important thing to me wasn’t that they actually happened, it was that they were reflective of the emotional state at Foxconn.  The atmosphere in Shengen.  The heart of the issue.”


One response to “Interruption: Why Were You There?

  1. Your interruption is well-written. It has a style that flows nicely and it expresses Daisey’s goals in making this performance succinctly. I agree with you that he meant to stimulate discussion and the only way he was going to achieve that goal was to use shock value.

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