No Mike

“And I say to her, “You seem kind of young—how old are you?”
And she says, “I’m thirteen.”
And I say, “Thirteen. That’s young. Is it hard to get work at Foxconn when you’re…?” She says, “Oh no,” and her friends all agree, it’s not that hard. There are inspections, but Foxconn always knows when there’s going to be an inspection, so what they do then—you’re going to love this—they don’t even check ages then, they just pull everyone from the affected line and then they put the oldest workers they have on that line.”

(Interruption) As Cathy:

Wait Mike. I understand you’re trying to make the point that working conditions are bad at Foxconn, but I’ve been sitting here listening to lie after lie. This is the last straw. You never met a thirteen year old that worked at Foxconn. You never heard that Foxconn will hire anybody no matter what age they are.

(Cathy addresses the crowd)

I know all this because I’m Cathy, the translator he hired. I was with him every step of the way at Foxconn. I translated everything for Mike. And I can say truthfully that we never ran into a thirteen year old that claimed she worked for Foxconn. Most of what Mike has said is exaggerated and it make me upset that he has to lie to get his point across.

(Cathy addresses Mike)

If I knew you were going to say all of these lies, I never would have worked for you. 


4 responses to “No Mike

  1. I think it is interesting that you gave Cathy a “voice” at this particular part of the performance. I think it is a really good spot to have her interrupt because it essesntially just shuts down everything else Mike Daisy would say throughout the rest of the performance and the audience really would not be able to believe another word he said, especially about the underage workers. The issue with the underage workers upsets a lot of people, and I think Cathy would reassure the audience that Mike Daisy’s encounters were fabricated for his own theatrical purposes.

  2. I think its nice to put cathy’s voice into the monologue, but I dont think this is what Cathy would say if she had the opportunity. While its true that Daisey exaggerated, and even lied at times, most of his work was at least based somewhat on practices that he heard of, or expierenced. I think even Cathy has some recognition of that, which is apparent in the TAL interview where they talk about their conversation with Cathy, and her feelings surrounding the whole matter. I think this is good, however it would be better if it were just toned down so as to not chastise Daisey so harshly.

  3. I think you chose an excellent point in the story to interrupt Mike. Catching Mike right in the act of lying allows the audience to easily understand that Daisey is spewing lies. I think Cathy should come off very angry and agitated! Daisey is not only telling lies about Cathy’s place of work but he is citing Cathy as his source of knowledge. He is embarrassing and hurting her reputation. I know that I would be very angry. It would also be more powerful theatrically if Cathy is angry.

  4. I also took a similar stance on this post. I think the most powerful (or second most powerful) interruption would be from Cathy. She is the key to Mr. Daisey’s story and with her point of view there would be light shed upon whether or not the “facts” displayed in Mr. Daisey’s story are in fact true or if they were just complete fabrications.

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