Paper 1 Topic

A very interesting question that was raised in class was: Do Americans really care? I think this question could make for a good paper topic and relates back to idea of American consumerism.  Even if Apple continued to have its products made by workers that are being treated poorly and barely any making money, would Americans still buy Apple products? Even though many Americans are aware of who makes their products, sadly I think that Americans are so focused on getting the newest products that they might overlook the production part of the process and continue purchasing the products.  This raises a bigger ethical question: Is change possible? Is it realistic to think that people would boycott brands that they are loyal to, in order to improve the lives of workers? I hate to even have to raise this question but this topic could be the basis of an interesting paper.  


One response to “Paper 1 Topic

  1. This is a very fair point. I think if most people were being honest, they would say that they would continue to use Apple products. I’m not sure how you’d get a definitive answer, but it’s a good question.

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