Paper 1 – What are the rules?

We know labor conditions are bad in China for a lot of people. We know that companies like Nike, Apple, and Foxconn take advantage of relaxed government oversight and regulation of conditions in the factories. I don’t know, however, what the rules, laws or institutions are that are in place to protect the people. Are there any? Who’s in charge of enforcing them? Why does the international community allow the Chinese government to look the other way on the situation? Does the United States have laws in place that regulate how a company does business abroad? Should they? Could political pressure from other countries be used to enact change, or is the temptation of cheaper imports too overwhelming? I think that answering these questions and questions like them will provide more context and allow for more informed discussion. 


One response to “Paper 1 – What are the rules?

  1. I like this idea a lot. I think many people feel that these rules and regulations are complicated and indecipherable. It’s important to figure out who is responsible for looking after the well-being of workers. These practices are obviously not working in China, and it would also be interesting to examine these regulations in the US. Good stuff, James!

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