Silence Speaks

This segment is meant to show to the audience that Mike Daisey’s method of interviews of collecting data was most likely not statistically sound. As he only speaks to people who approach him, they are probably the more outspoken or disgruntled type.

This scene occurs when Mike Daisey is speaking to the young girl outside of the factory. It is a dialogue between her friends who are standing behind her but do not speak in the original version of the monologue.

“Why is Mei speaking with that fat man? She shouldn’t be so trusting of a man dressed like that. Where do you think he’s from?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen clothing like that before. Can you imagine having enough to eat to look like that? I wish I could fatten up my brothers with my salary.”

“Not like that! Can you hear what Mei is saying? She’s already gotten in trouble at work for tardiness and for complaining excessively during work. If this gets back to Foxconn, she’ll probably be fired. Mei certainly can’t afford that, as her parents don’t have much. She’s young and has yet to learn that this is the better of the factory jobs. If she’s just complaining because she was reprimanded today, who knows what will happen…”


3 responses to “Silence Speaks

  1. This is an interesting approach. I like the humor in the dialogue. However, in my opinion, i think Foxconn workers would complain about the salaries but not the job. I really do not believe Mr. Daisy at all so i don’t think the girl was complaining. Again i will say that i am very interested in knowing how the workers actually feel. No exaggeration, just the truth. I don’t think i would have taken the same approach in your dialogue, but i certainly appreciate your opinion and creativeness.

  2. I thought that you raised a good point about the fact that it is hard for workers to voice their complaints because they get intimidated by the company. It really gives us a good perspective on the situation because of the contrast with the relatively luxurious life of many American workers. Especially when you think of the millions of dollars awarded every year to employees in harassment lawsuits.

  3. I like the idea of brining in characters who were already introduced as minor characters in the original story. I also like the fact that it continues to follow the theme of the piece, and speak out against Foxconn. This interjection however I feel does not address anything that hasn’t already been talked about in the rest of the monologue thus I dont know if it would be the most meaningful edit that could be made. Perhaps if the girls said something that was more contradictory to what Daisey is saying it would be more interesting.

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