You’ve got it all wrong

Excuse me Mr. Daisey; I hate to interrupt you.  I was outside the Foxconn gates that afternoon you spoke to factory employees.  The only trouble is I seem to remember the events of that afternoon very differently.  I don’t recall seeing any underage workers, and that is something I surely would have remembered.  In fact, I can’t say that I ever really notice any young workers around the factory at all.  I think you may have the wrong impression of Foxconn.  Yes, there are times when working here can seem rather grim; I get homesick often and my job on the floor can get boring, but I think you seem to be a bit confused.  Life here is not as bad as you make it out to be.  This is not my dream job, but it is a good job.  I chose to work here. 

Like many other Foxconn workers, I moved to Shenzhen from a small farming town.  A job at a factory offers me more money than I would be able to make elsewhere.  We all want to work overtime; we want to make more to send home to our families.  I benefit greatly by working and living here.  Food is subsidized, there are health centers, and I am being paid more than the government minimum.  Mr. Daisey, this is not America – life is different here.  This is the Chinese way; you cannot compare your American standard of living to the lives of us factory workers.  I appreciate your concern, but you’ve got it all wrong.Image


One response to “You’ve got it all wrong

  1. I really liked how you used facts to back up your argument and put the situation into the perspective of the Chinese. While i don’t think that workers in China should be treated poorly, it is important to look at the context of the situation and realize that Foxconn is one of the better factories to work in, in comparison to other factories in China. Workers are happy to find jobs and make money to support their families. They also know that if they decide to quit there are thousands of others ready to take their position. As hard as it is to say, Foxconn does help improve the unemployment rate in China and I thought this was an interesting point of view that I had not considered.

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