Mr. Daisey That is Not What Happened

(Kathy the translator): TIMEOUT!!!


Mr. Daisey, I think it is time we tell the truth. I can not in good conscious continue to let you talk about our experience at FoxConn so falsely. In all honesty, I am scared for my own life when you make up false accusations and put me in your performance without my consent. You do realize China is a Communist country and it has a history of “silencing” people that speak out against its government and major corporations. I know you are trying to make a few dollars of your performance by talking about how FoxConn exploits its workers, but maybe you should think about how you are exploiting me and the danger I may now be in.


In all honesty, I can say that Mr. Daisey is making up about half of what he is saying. The workers at FoxConn were not as miserable as Mr. Daisey acted. They were very young people who in all honesty were working to support themselves and their families. The working conditions at the factory may not have been up to US standards, but the reality is that these people need to make money and if they complain, someone else will fill their space. The reports of the people with “crippling handicaps” was in no way true. I believe Mr. Daisey compared this factory to a sweat shop in Thailand (NIKE), when in all honesty it is a very developed factory. So, Mr. Daisey, I will ask for you to not continue to use my name in your performance any longer and if you continue, I will take legal action against you. Thank you.


5 responses to “Mr. Daisey That is Not What Happened

  1. I liked that you had Cathy as the voice of your interruption. I think that she is someone who has the right to be angered by Mike Daisey’s monologue. His lies do effect Cathy and the life she leads and he does not have the right to put her in a false light. Cathy helped Mike Daisey get into the factories and translate his communications with the workers. For him to turn around and claim false stories that jeopardize Cathy’s life is unfair. I understand that Mike Daisey was trying to convey a message about the conditions that go on abroad, but to mix Cathy into the story is unfair, especially without consulting her.

  2. Placing Cathy in the interruption is an excellent decision. I like that you highlighted the potentially dangerous spotlight she is now under as well as the fact that Daisey never requested her permission. Listening to him describe their “moment” among other made up happenings must of been a bizarre experience for her 2 years later. The interruption raises the valid question of whether or not Daisey’s paying customers should hold him accountable for the use of Cathy in his story.

  3. I also used added more dialogue from Cathy in my blog, but went about it in a different way. I decided to have another awkward type conversation where Mr. Daisey gets called out, but I like the way you went about it. I feel like Cathy has so much built up anger that a great way of adding a scene with her is to just let her vent and not wait for a response from Mr. Daisey. She has recently realized that Mr. Daisey has made this extremely fabricated report about their time in China, and she deserves to let her thoughts go.

  4. I never thought about the consequences that Cathy may have faced, it never crossed my mind. Mr. Daisey was reckless with his words and endangered Cathy and Apple. But, my only question is that Mr. Daisey used a false name for Cathy. I believe he called her “Ann.” Regardless, I do not think Daisey hid her name on purpose. I think he did not reveal her name simply so that his lies and deception could not be corroborated by Cathy.

  5. I also really like idea of having Cathy be the voice of the monologue. I wrote about something similar, but I like that you mentioned the fact that Cathy supported the workers and didn’t like that Mike Daisey was exploiting them. I think it’s important to recognize that this way of life for many people in a developing nation like China and, while we may disagree with this way of life, it is very normal there. I am also surprised that she reacted so calmly in the TAL interview, but I think this monologue interjection would give her and the people she translated for a much needed voice in this debate.

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