Bog 4- Find Another Blog

Ok, first off, you know that you will now ALWAYS use categories and tags for EVERY post.

Also, from now on- YOU READ IT, YOU RATE IT!

Now, as you know that is BOTH publishing platform and a social network of all users and their blogs, let’s explore what this “blogosphere‘ has to offer.  I DO NOT WANT MAJOR MEDIA BLOGS.

Your mission, and you have to choose it (reference to old TV MI show), is to find a blog that you find interesting, provocative, or engaging that is in the blogosphere.  Write a comment there.  Write your own post somehow in dialogue with the target (other blog) post.  Include a HYPERLINK in your post.

How can you find a blog or post of interest?  Several ways.

1) Log into directly.  Click on the “Reader” tab.  You will see blogs you follow, “topics,” and “recommended blogs” by topic.  Use these tools to find a blog.

2) Within the “topics” sidebar, there is an “enter a topic” search box.  Type in a topic.  What it is looking for is TAGS like we discussed.  Try entering topics you are interested in.  NOTE: if it is multiple words, put them in “quotes” like “business ethics”

3) Click on “explore topics” to see a tag cloud across all of wordpress.

4) On the reader page, there is a tab for “freshly pressed.”  You can see lot sof interesting things there.
Now, what topics “count?”  Anything you can reasonably relate to this class.  A partial list:

  • The great recession
  • Politics
  • State of US economy
  • Protests against or for corporations
  • Higher education
  • Sports as they reflect larger issues(Armstrong and reputation; race and American society)
  • Higher education
  • Model companies
  • Innovation
  • Ethical advice for managers

Lastly, I will add some blogs I like later in the week to our blog.

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