Apple’s Magic Trick

While browsing the blogosphere of WordPress, I decided I would research Apple and postings pertaining to the company to pursue further research for my paper. After skimming through several posts, I came across the following blog. The post that attracted me to the site was titled “Jimmy Kimmel Proves: Apple’s Magic Is In the Brainwash”. Fascinated by the title alone, I clicked and came across a link to this article. The article discusses Apple’s newest product: the iPhone 5. After our class discussion on Mike Daisey and consumer behavior, it became clear that Apple products were addictive to Apple customers; always wanting for the newest and latest. The article details these exact thoughts – Apple consumer’s become “brain washed” by the concept of new Apple technology. One specific quote within the article eloquently states,

“Reports even suggest that fainbois’ brains respond to Apple imagery the same way that religious fanatics’ brains respond to religious imagery. It’s an incredible feat, and some are so very indoctrinated that they stop trusting in their own sensory perception and simply trust the brand. Whole-heartedly.”

The article concludes with a link to the following YouTube video. The video is a clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live in where Jimmy’s camera crew interviews pedestrians and their reaction to the newest iPhone. However, as with any Jimmy Kimmel interview, there is a twist. The iPhone the cameramen actually presents to the pedestrian is the iPhone 4S. The reactions and comments made by these consumers are baffling – I was not aware of the scope of Apple’s influence. It truly depicts the company’s ability to attract its consumer. They all believe the phone has improved, but it is in actuality, no different. This post and video clip are consistent with the thoughts presented by our classmates and the theories we have been discussing; that Apple, who appears to be an unethical brand lacking social responsibility, will continue to profit from “brain washed” consumers. Consumers are so influenced by the prestige and reputation of Apple, they become too entrenched in the Apple hysteria. The question remains, is the iPhone 5 actually any different than the iPhone 4S?


3 responses to “Apple’s Magic Trick

  1. I really enjoyed your post and the youtube video attached perfectly supported your point. I completely agree that Apple fanatics are so obsessed with the brand that many are already sold on the iPhone 5 before actually seeing it. I think this proves how Apple is more than a product to many of its users, but rather it is a part of their life. While there has been a lot of negative publicity when it comes to it ethics abroad, it does not seem that most of its customers care. They are loyal to the brand. So much so that they are willing to buy whatever the company produces.

  2. I too enjoyed your post and the accompanying clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live. It is astounding to me that people are so invested in Apple that they immediately accept any Apple product as great, without even stopping to give it much thought. Had the individuals in the clip taken a moment to think, they would have realized that what they were being shown had no great improvements. The comparison of Apple users to religious fanatics truly shows the impact Apple has had on its consumers.

  3. I actually came across this YouTube video on Facebook before i read your post and i totally agree that people are just brainwashed. They want the newest thing even if its just like the old one. I think this is Apple’s strategy and it is definitely working. They have created such a recognizable and attractive brand. People just want the next Apple product.

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