Big Box Stores Full of Books

When I was searching through the Blogosphere, I cam across a blog called Ramblings of a (Future) Jedi Librarian. The author is a Library and Information Science student at the University of Southern Florida named Mina. The post that really caught my attention referred to an article she read about an abandoned Wal-Mart location in McAllen, Texas that was recently turned into the largest single floor library in the country. Here is the link.

Here is the link for the original article. It’s worth a look.

I thought that Mina brought up a great point that it was nice to see a large unused space for some good. I don’t think had anything to do with this renewal, but they should have. From a managerial perspective, it would be a great idea to promote the story. It would give the company some good will with the public if they knew Wal-Mart is not always a destroyer of Small Town America. If Wal-Mart, or any other large, publicly visible corporation did more to reuse their old assets for the public good, then they would improve their image and generate more business.


One response to “Big Box Stores Full of Books

  1. While reading your post, I envisioned what I thought the Lewisburg Wal-Mart would look like if all of the isles had been emptied and filled with countless bookshelves. Definitely not how I would imagine the layout of a library. However, when I clicked on the actual article, the library looked completely different than what I had expected; I was amazed to see how the space could be transformed. I agree with you that Wal-Mart should promote this story or even assist communities in transforming their abandoned spaces by offering to donate books or something of the like.

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