doing good and doing well

I was perusing the topic of “business ethics” when I came across this blog on workplace issues. The post I found most interesting was about how ethical practices can be good for companies.  Unlike the other business ethics blogs and posts I came across, I found it most interesting that this blogger included practical solutions for motivating workers and companies to act ethically. Rather than an emotionally-charged bemoaning of evil corporations and immoral rich people, this blogger presented a logical and objective reasoning of why ethical behavior can be beneficial to companies looking to build their bottom line. He recognizes the inherent nature of humankind to put their own self-interest first and suggests how companies might appeal to their employees to act ethically. Being the nature of the blog world (I suppose?), I had to read many illogical, ranting posts littered with made-up facts before finding my chosen blog. This one stood out as rational and well-organized.

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