Innovation at Amazon

While searching through wordpress, I was trying to find a blog about innovation and I came across one about Market Culture. The blog post I read by Christopher Brown explained how Amazon’s success can be attributed to the leadership of Jeff Bezo. Bezo’s innovation has really shaped the online retail market and the company itself has transformed from one with an initial focus of selling books to one that sells almost anything that a consumer would shop for. Brown goes on to describe the “three key ingredients” that Jeff Bezo has used to be successful: having no regrets, taking risks, and having a powerful customer focused mission to drive everything.

I was really interested to learn how Bezo’s innovation led to Amazon’s success. Recently, I read an article for another class about how major companies, such as Walmart, are struggling in the retail market due to the shift in online shopping, with Amazon being their major competitor. So, after finding this blog about the innovation behind Amazon, it was easy to see how they have become the leader of online retail.


3 responses to “Innovation at Amazon

  1. I too have read several articles about the success of Amazon. It appears that they keep gaining more and more of the market share and running other companies out of business as they can not compete with the online shopping Amazon has to offer. I read about Amazon’s strong customer loyalty as well, and how the company really attempts to focus on retaining customers for the long-run. I thought Bezo’s three key ingredients fit well with what I have read about Amazon as a company.

  2. I am intrigued by Jeff Bezo’s “three key ingredients” used to be successful: having no regrets, taking risks, and having a powerful customer focused mission to drive anything. There is something to be said when a very powerful company relies on its ability to take risks. Risks don’t always conclude with positive results. However, that is what makes Amazon the innovative company that you describe! I wonder after our discussion on ethics if Jeff Bezo will make one more key ingredient: social responsibility. Social responsibility has become such a controversial concern within the corporate arena, it would be interesting to see if Amazon holds a “shareholder” or “stakeholder” mentality.

  3. Alexis, I think it would be really interesting to see if Amazon holds more of a “shareholder” or “stakeholder” mentality as we have not looked at a company who is solely an online corporation. With Bezo’s mindset and the way he was driven Amazon to be such a successful company, I feel as though he would handle the additional ingredient of social responsibility in a more “stakeholder” type of way. Bezo has made Amazon such a customer focused company that I honestly do not see him being more concerned with the characteristics involved with a “shareholder” company, but it would definitely be interesting to explore and discuss the ethics behind Amazon!

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