Innovation in Large Companies

When looking through the huge number of different blogs, I came across a blog written by Ferhan Bulca, a professor at the University of Toronto.  His post concerned whether or not a large company is at an advantage to coming up with new innovative ideas and products.  He laid out 4 main reasons: access to resources, established brand, talent acquisition and the ability to maintain momentum.  He also made sure to note that this didn’t apply to all large companies, and that the company had to make the decisions that led to innovation themselves.

I think it’s an interesting point, and when you look at companies like GE, where innovation is central to their philosophy, it makes sense.  But you also have to consider the real innovators, who are creating ideas and products that never existed before.  These companies, like Facebook, Twitter and linkedin, started from nothing, and built themselves up from nothing.  These ideas are special enough that other parts of his 4 reasons come along.  Google and Facebook are among the most competitive places to get a job.

While Bulca’s points are good, I don’t necessarily think that larger companies are at a huge advantage.  Innovation often comes from one person, and it doesn’t matter how big your company is if you have those people that are capable of innovating.

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