Political Opinions

I like this blog because I think the bloggosphere is a great way for people to intellegently express their political opinions, and have productive discussions.  This blogger asserts that foreign policy should be a large point of discussion in the upcoming election, even more so than issues such as the economy.

I agree that this is true, but also would go further to say that the two are not mutually exclusive.  This sort of goes along with the idea that was expressed in the blog, but id like to reiterate that forign policy today is so directly connected to our economy that chosing a president that can represent us effectively on the world stage, and form powerful alliances with other natures is a large factor in our economic success.  In our world, people are becoming increasing more connected, and with that businesses are becoming increasingly globalized.  Furthermore, the presidents ability to represent himself should carry alot of weight because that is something he will have to do on his own, as opposed to other policy decisions that are made by larger groups of people, and voting bodies.


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