Still Complaining

I’m interested in the working conditions at Foxconn after all of the readings and podcasts we have listened to. In iPhone Manufacturer Faces Labor Complaints, this article touches upon complaints by 16-18 year old students that intern at Foxconn. The Fair Labor Union has suggested Foxconn to improve working conditions in their factories. Foxconn took the suggestions and moved on them faster then expected. Mike Daisy might think Foxconn is such a horrible company in the way they treat their employees but it’s not like they’re ignoring the situation. Foxconn has been working on “verifying interns’ ages, making sure their work was relevant to their education and having them work no more than eight hours per day and five days per week.”

The article mentions that schools have their students intern at Foxconn, but don’t force them to do so. What is interesting though is that “students are free to leave the internship program at any time,” when one student is quoted saying, “I want to go back to school. I don’t want to work here anymore! Why do you force us to work in this remote place!”? It raises the questions, does Foxconn force schools to keep these students interning there, or do the schools force the students to intern there? Why would schools or Foxconn force students to intern at there when people are in lines out the door looking for a job? It makes me want to continue looking into the working conditions at Foxconn.


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