The End of EXPENSIVE Private Institutions

As I read through “America’s biggest missed opportunity?” I can’t help but to ask myself the question I have asked many times before.  Is a 4 year education really worth it?   I am a senior in an EXPENSIVE 4 year institution and I find myself wondering if 4 years spent here is even worth it.  With the increasing tuition prices of 4 year universities, a lot more people are opting to go to community college and get technical jobs.  A part form community colleges, online colleges are starting to be flooded with students who just don’t think paying an arm and a leg for 4 years in college is worth it.  I also wonder if my degree will truly be more valuable than say someone who didn’t go to a 4 year college, but has a post high school degree. After all, Bill Gates did not even graduate from college!

College is not for everyone, certainly not a four year institution.  As tapirking puts it, young people are being “squeezed into a one size fits all university track.”  As I alluded to in the opening more young people are in debt because of these expensive schools.  I can see the argument for state and public colleges, but private institutions seem problematic.   I really think expensive private 4 year institutions will be replaced by more community colleges and technical school (again, this is coming from someone who currently attends a private university).  With the American economy in the state it is in, 4 year universities just don’t seen feasible.  Americans are defiantly more price conscious so I think these institutions will continue to take a hit.  This leads me to conclude that upper class who can afford to go to such school will continue to attend them.  While to middle and lower class who can’t afford it will choose community, technical or online colleges.  Will this further separate the different classes or is this just insignificant?  Well I don’t really know.  I tend to think the latter because I also take into account different scholarships and need based help that are offered by these institutions.


2 responses to “The End of EXPENSIVE Private Institutions

  1. I think your post is really interesting and it is something that I have never thought about before — the end of expensive private institutions. I totally get what your saying about the middle and lower class who can’t afford these schools and are turning to less expensive options, but I don’t necessarily think that this will mean that private institutions will go away or become that problematic that they will be replaced. Not necessarily because of the upper class that can afford it, but because there are alumni and generous donors from these private instituions who value the experience that can be obtained at a 4-year private school and want to help others be able to have this same experience.

    • Yes! i agree that there are Alumni who will always give back. But the blog, “America’s biggest missed opportunity”, i was referring to asserts that more Americans are looking to get technical degrees that will enable them to work in manufacturing. I guess i understood it as less people are interested in 4 year universities so the really expensive ones will become unnecessary. Thanks for the comment!!

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