Irish Freedom Fighters

I chose to follow a wordpress blog that writes about the Irish Republican Army. As a dual citizen in the United States and Ireland, the IRA is an organization that I had grown up hearing stories about and, as a matter of fact, I have had family members that have been a part/supporters of this organization since it’s founding in 1916. For those of you who do not know, the country of Ireland was under a 1000+ year bloody British rule until 1916 when a group of Irish patriots (called the Irish Republican army) conducted a “guerrilla” war that brought the British empire to conduct peace talks for the first time in the 1200 year history of the struggle. The peace talks yielded a very unfavorable treaty that left the south of Ireland to be an Irish Free State (that pledged allegiance to the crown) and the north of Ireland would remain part of the UK (country now known as Northern Ireland). The Irish Republican Army re surged after the counties split and was comprised of Irish Republican Patriots (mainly Catholic) who want a United Irish Republic free of British rule (the south of Ireland is now it’s own country, Republic of Ireland). This Army has now been referred to as a “terrorist organization” by the UK, mainly because of their repeated bombings and assassinations, however even when they would bomb a building, they would usually assure that all civilians were removed (just British soldiers), but there have been a few times when this was not the case. This has been a bloody struggle over the past 100 years, (on both sides) but the future looks bright. There has been a cease fire treaty and Northern Ireland has been relatively quiet, as the country is attempting to solve the issue in a political manner, but there are still the occasional battles between IRA sympathizers and British Loyalist forces. I followed this blog, because I like to be updated on the struggle for complete Irish freedom and because the results of this situation will ultimately impact my family in Ireland and Northern Ireland.


3 responses to “Irish Freedom Fighters

  1. In my opinion, this is an excellent blog to follow because it offers a unique and personal look at what exactly is going on in Northern Ireland. The news can only provide so much detail as to what is going on. Typically, that detail only occurs during major events. The blog offers an excellent tool to understand what is going on in Northern Ireland. It offers a first hand account as opposed to an unbiased news reporter or journalist.

    I am curious to see how often the blog posts and what insight it might offer. I did not come across or search for a “news/history” blog during my exploration of the blogosphere. It is helpful to see that there is even more types of blogs out there than I can even think of!

  2. This is a really interesting blog to follow in my opinion because the IRA is a pretty infamous group however we often don’t hear alot bout them in the states. Its also cool that you have personal ties to it, and thus have that further interest in the issue. I had not innitially known about the history you wrote about in your post, however I now plan on doing some further research to better understand their operations, and history. Its weird thinking about groups like this who are technically considered terrorists however still have seemingly moral, and just causes that they are fighting for.

  3. I think that the story of the Irish Republican Army is fascinating and I’d really like to read a little more about it in my free time. I came across this video from Vice Magazine. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, but it looks really interesting. It is from the Vice Guide to Travel series that takes viewers to interesting places around the world that the average American probably wouldn’t normally travel. The video is called the Vice Guide to Belfast and you can check it out online.

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