Does the world still need James Bond?


Some of the greatest nights I remember as a kid growing up involved a delicious dinner, often with family and friends, but the very best and most memorable ones always ended with my Dad and I putting on a James Bond movie. The larger than life adventures of legendary Agent 007 in his battle of good versus evil have entertained and inspired generations through years of peace and war. The question remains: Does the world still need James Bond?

An Ian Fleming creation of the Cold War era, the record-setting legacy of James Bond has included 22 films over the time period of fifty years. Whether you envision a gray Aston Martin thundering down an English country road or rather a Vodka martini, shaken, not stirred to accompany a high stakes poker game, there is no denying that everything Bond does, he does so with dedication and ultimately for his country. Bond is stunningly able to maintain his cool when thrown into a shark pit or strapped below a laser beam because he takes the time to assess the situation, account for all possible options and then choose the most effective course of action to get the job done.

James Bond knows that his country is depending upon him, that failure is not an option. Therefore, he never gets caught up in the details, thinking of what he CAN’T do, but rather envisions where he WANTS to be and figures out WHAT it will take to get him there. Q branch may ensure that 007 is fitted with the best that technology has to offer but there is nothing mechanical about Bond, no instinct that he shares with the common thug. The man, the legend is always able to straighten his tie, put on a grin and rise to the occasion, it is for this timeless quality he is admired and loved. His fictional excellence inspires individuals whose countries are at war and whose success it not guaranteed. Entertainment value aside, I believe James Bond has contributed greatly to business, government and society and look forward to the release of Skyfall on November 9th!


6 responses to “Does the world still need James Bond?

  1. I too am a Bond fan and I love this connection you made to BGS. James Bond always made the average viewer feel as though they could save the world just by putting on a suit and looking calm, cool and collected. The Bond movies are also able to “romanticize” government. They make governments look all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-competent.
    In the answer to your question, I think that the world still needs James Bond. Bond inspires so much confidence and victory (against the bad guys, of course) in the world. In a time of corruption and dishonesty, a hero is never out of style.

  2. There’s nothing like watching a James Bond movie. Golden Eye on Nintendo 64 has been one of my favorite games to play growing up. His calm, cool, and collected approach to everything makes people feel confident that he will always come through in the end. Like Nicola said, a hero is never out of style. The world still needs a James Bond.

  3. Bring on James Bond! I think the James Bond series has had a great impression on many Americans throughout their life time. I think that the fact that many actors have played the James Bond role over the years is a great aspect of the series. Regardless of who the actor is, the character always proves to be strong, witty, successful, handsome and fearless. Of course it is not a necessity to continue this series, but I don’t see any reason to stop making these movies, so Americans can continue to watch this hero save the world from evil.

  4. The world will always need James Bond! I will always remember watching the 007 marathon on TNT after the Christmas holiday. The one thing that I found interesting about Mr. Bond is that he seems to know what the right thing to do is, even if he is willing to cut some corners to get there. In other words, his intentions are always in the right place, but he’s not afraid to bend the rules when the situation calls for it.

  5. I think people will always want to believe that there is a larger than life character capable of saving the world after 3 or 4 martinis. The whole concept is uplifting, and I think there will always be a need for a hero. The image of an evil genius being defeated is enduring, and is applicable in so many different facets of life.

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