eyePhone and Twitcher

I am in no way a Futurama lover, but i have seen a couple episodes.  Futurama is an “American Animated Science Fiction Sitcom”, yes there is such a thing.  This show follows the life of a pizza delivery boy in the late 20th century.  To understand the clip that I will be referring to, it  is important to know that Bender is a robot from Mexico who claims he is smart and wants to “Kill all Humans”.  All humans except his best friends who are all humans.  Fry is the protagonist of the show; he is a loser and a pizza delivery guy.  He is also one of Bender’s best friends.  Mom is one of the antagonists in the show.  She is the owner of MOMCORP with is a large multi-billion dollar complex with numerous subsidiaries and a monopoly on Robot production.

Attack of the Killer App” was a Futurama episode released in 2010 on Comedy Central.  This episode alluded to a lot of popular and well known business, two of them being Apple and their iPhones and Twitter.  The “eyePhone”, as the show calls it, is $5oo, made and own by a monopoly (Momcorp), they buyers has no choice of carrier and the battery can’t hold a charge.  Despite all of this, Fry is eager to spend all this money on it.  Many of the “eyPhones” are being produced in a large factory by robots but the seller makes it seem like there is one left.  The “eyephone” is inserted into the eye and the ear piece is hammered into the ear.  I see them saying that Apple has already come up with everything, how else can they make their phones better in the future.

This episode also pokes fund of twitter and the addiction people have with it.  Mom is able to use the “eyePhone” to direct market to her buyers.  She implants a “twit worm” that will be used to turn people into mindless beings that adhere to her ever word.  Fry and Bender are competing to see who gets 1 million twitcher followers first.  After both reaching their goal, the “twit worm” infects them and all their follower.  They all go on to become dumb and follow mom’s commands.  This show how brainwashed people become by social media.  I see this as a big conspiracy.  Apple is working with twitter to brainwash our minds so we go out and buy more Apple products.  Twitter drives you to get more followers so they can do this.


6 responses to “eyePhone and Twitcher

  1. Geek warning. The protagonist of one of the the GREATEST sci fi novels of all time, Snow Crash is Hiro Protagonist. And he is a very cool pizza delivery guy. The whole thing is a bit tongue in cheek and reflects the ideas of cyberpunk.

  2. Absolutely, Its all a conspiracy. All these companies are working together to raise profits and brainwash costumers! I believe it!

  3. Actually, my goal in life is to work in the non-profit sector. I want to get a master’s in public administration focusing on non-profit management. My goal is to have companies such as Apple and Nike to not only set up a fund that takes a portion of their revenue and puts it into non-profit work, but also take an active role in promoting and enforcing hands on work in the non-profit sector. Just as they promote products and try and bust sales, I want them to promote service and helping others around the world in commercials and other media outlets.

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