Laughter in Politics: We Need More of It

No one knows how to get a crowd going more so than the great Stephen Colbert and John Stewart.

If you’re not familiar with either of these comedic geniuses, they each host satiric news shows on Comedy Central. John Stewart hosts the “more liberal” based show, The Daily Showwhere as Stephen Colbert hosts the “more conservative” show, The Colbert Report.

A big portion of each show is focused on politics, especially when it’s a presidential election year. The two of them really know how to make a joke out of any worthy news story, and you better believe they go all out when it comes to the politicians. During the last presidential election Stephen Colbert even announced that he would be entering into the South Carolina primaries in the race for the President of the USA.

Hilarious? Yes. Impractical? In my opinion, not at all. These two men make fun of news and politics for a living. They know how to take an action taken or policy made by a political power and turn it into the laughing stock of thew news world. Sometimes the jokes are farfetched and outrageous, but other times, to be honest, they make sense. Why would the president or congress or even the senate make a certain decision when it clearly did not make any sense? How do we know it didn’t make any sense? Because John and Stephen pointed it out to us in a matter of minutes.

Obviously I am aware of the fact that people running for office should have some political credentials and knowledge of the world around us, but hasn’t a lot of politics over the years turned into a game of “who can get ahead” rather than “who can help our country”? Shouldn’t we have someone in office that is able to take a step back, have a good laugh, and really look at the issues at hand rather than figure out how to please a certain party?

The political world is definitely not ready for someone like Stephen Colbert to run for office, but the next time someone like him runs again…I’ll be listening to what they have to say and not look at the job they currently have.


4 responses to “Laughter in Politics: We Need More of It

  1. I agree that their straightforward sense of humor is useful and a refreshing change from the loaded speech you hear from politicians. Sometimes, removing all the party-politics and rhetoric, the issues are simple and above any left or right side opinions. Just because politicians take certain matters seriously doesn’t mean they are and I think Colbert and Daly both help make us aware of how the silliest things get blown totally out of proportion.

  2. I tried very hard to avoid commenting on anything political, but I have to agree with your stance. I don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of politics. I have views regarding certain aspects of daily American life, but at the end of the day I don’t necessarily find myself strongly connected to either of the dominant parties. Watching either of these shows is almost always enjoyable, with the way that they are able to make light of the animalistic environment that is the political world. To be able to mock the imperfect system and get people laughing and slightly more aware of what’s going on is positive. It certainly beats listening to CNN or FOX news and listening to highly conservative/liberal news casters bash the opposing side.

  3. If I only watch one show, it is one of these.

    What gets me is how in a world of so much inanity and insanity how their comedic genius does more to educate viewers about a whole slew of issues. I mean, they aren’t parable-spouting messiahs, it is not their intent to morally inform us, and yet, somehow, in the transmogrifaction of laughter, the laughter morphs into wisdom. Or at least the feeling that there is something “larger” than whatever stupidity they are mocking.

    And if you are Republican leaning, I would say that when Stewart started in the 1990s, he skewered Clinton just as much. Talk about material.

  4. If you have never seen Jon Stewart DESTROY two “pundits” about the reality of power, politics, media, and entertainment, then you MUST watch this clip.Jon Stewart on CrossFire The show was cancelled a year or two later. Coincidence? Probably. But still funny.

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