Show me the $$$

I think that today’s society has an obsession with being rich and powerful and I feel that in the world today the pressure to be the rich and successful is what is causing a great deal of corruption in the business world and in politics in today’s culture. I believe that in the past, having a steady job and being able to support one’s family has been considered a very honorable thing, however (unfortunately) I believe people are now judged by the amount of money and power they have (come hand in hand in today’s society). I believe the main reason people have this goal of being rich and powerful is mainly because today’s pop culture idolizes people who are rich and famous. Every tv show (MTV Cribs), newspaper, magazine, commercial, etc talks about rich and powerful people and I think that because the world is so infatuated with becoming rich and powerful, people have been doing whatever possible to become as rich and powerful as possible. Unfortunately, many people nowadays are breaking laws and doing many unethical things to become this rich and powerful and I believe that this is mainly because of how pop culture focuses on the rich and powerful and does not focus on those who are working hard and earning an honest living.



7 responses to “Show me the $$$

  1. “I believe the main reason people have this goal of being rich and powerful is mainly because today’s pop culture idolizes people who are rich and famous.” You raise a good point here. Becoming rich has become an obsession in society today. In music, especially rap music, a lot of what you here is how much money they make. People need to realize that making a ton of money is not necessary to live a decent life. Pop culture has made people feel bad about not making a lot of money.

  2. I completely agree, the world, especially the United States is obsessed with making money! Too many people have tunnel vision and can only define success by the amount of money that you make. The media doesn’t focus on community service or charitable organizations as much as it focuses on celebrity endorsements. I think that the wrong people are being recognized when helping the less fortunate should be. When did the manifest destiny and the American Dream become so superficial. Happiness is not defined by your paycheck!

  3. I agree that society really influences people’s priorities. Like Bob mentioned, in a lot of music and music videos, all people talk about is how many cars they have and how big there houses are. A lot of viewers look at this and think that it is of the utmost importance to try to mimic these actions. This has really given people poor motives. People need to understand to have a balance in life between working/making money and actually living. Sure people with a lot of money are typically happy, but at the end of the day, money can’t buy happiness.

  4. The idea that money buys happiness is one of the key ingredients that led to the financial crisis and I think you hit the nail on the head with your mention of shows like MTV cribs. Unlike generations of the past, kids today grow up in an even more money focused environment that I think we did in the 90’s. As Jamie said, it is rare that you come across a popular rap song that in some way does not allude to risking everything in the pursue of money.

  5. Your mention of MTV Cribs immediately made me think of the MTV show My Super Sweet 16. Sixteen-year-old girls were dying to have MTV film their party and its preparation. Every time the subject of the show made a purchase, a box would pop up on the bottom of the screen allowing viewers to see how much the item cost. If your party did not have the highest price tag, you simply weren’t cool. Girls were actually in tears if they had planned to arrive to their party by horse, but the girl with the sweet sixteen the night before entered on an elephant, obviously outdoing her. It is pretty embarrassing to admit that my friends and I were obsessed with this show, and were insanely excited when a girl in my grade was actually a finalist for MTV and they were considering filming her party. I agree that TV, music videos, etc. are responsible for promoting the idea that wealth is of the utmost importance, neglecting many values that we should be promoting to young kids.

  6. I think it is dangerous to think about the direction that teenagers and kids our age are going. There are so many shows like Keeping Up With the Kardashians that basically tell kids that it’s perfectly acceptable to make your living being an idiot. At least back in the 50’s and 60’s many shows were centered around a stereotypical solid family.

  7. But, can you say more about the show? Is ti the watchers or the producers who start the vicious cycle? And, c’mon, don’t you watch it?

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