the new normal?

The New Normal is a comedy sitcom that premiered this fall.  The show is based on a gay couple’s desire to have a baby and their subsequent relationship with Goldie, their surrogate.  Goldie was a teenage mom herself and is a surrogate to the couple despite her racist and often critical mother. This show is supposedly posed as an alternative to Modern Family, which depicts a more traditional family. What strikes me is the title: “The New Normal”.  This show is going against traditional TV shows depicting racially homogeneous families with straight couples.  Instead, it shows a successful gay couple in a supportive, loving relationship, embarking on the journey of starting a family.  The show often highlights negative views of gay couples, interracial couples, and Republicans. The characters address all the critical people in the show with tact and fairness, never being petty or similarly hateful.  In the most recent episode, they, in my opinion, debated Romney vs Obama in a very neutral way, despite the obvious left leanings of the show’s major characters.  Is this show depicting the “new normal”?  Is what was once taboo in society now capable of being accepted on prime time, network TV? With the current ratings and sweet, sentimental yet hilarious premise of these characters’ lives, it seems that the answer is yes.


One response to “the new normal?

  1. I like the idea of this show. I feel that television is often the media outlet most likely to push the envelope the most. It can make people much more stupid, like with the Jersey Shore or Toddlers and Tiaras. However, it can also get people to accept a group of people or way of living that is different from their own. For example, The Cosby Show was pivotal with changing the public opinion of African Americans. It is important for these shows to stay classy, though. If they go the route that Glee went, blatantly saying what their agenda is, people won’t take it seriously. It will be interesting to see if this show can help the LGBT community get a little more acceptance.

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