Listen Up! Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture…


When considering truly “attention-grabbing” poltical advertisements there are few in my mind that stack up to the shock and awe factor of the one released by Republican Alabama Agriculture Commissioner hopeful Dale Peterson. The video below, which has now amassed over 2,500,00 views, is a legitimate ad that was aired by Peterson during the 2010 elections in Alabama.

The blend of strategic imagery and provocative language makes this advertisement particularly engaging for not only its target audience in Alabama but Americans across the country as evidenced by the high number of views. The stereotype of Peterson riding his horse to patriotic music in the opening scene leads many question whether or not they are watching a clip from Saturday Night Live. It is fascinating how Peterson draws in the audience with his defniitive viewpoints and blunt mannerism. Establishing credibility as a “…a farmer, a businessman, a cop and a marine during Vietnam” strongly lends itself the credibility competition that takes place in larger scale elections and it is evident that Peterson is proud of his credentials. Once he gains the viewers attention, it is engaging how he transitions to fear of “thugs and criminals” to maintain the viewers interest and further build on his message. The final political ad ingredient Peterson incorporates is a blow to his opponents who support Norman Grace and go around “stealing yard signs in the dark of night…” A nice shot of him showing off his rifle and there you have it; a highly entertaining and representative example of political ads gone too far.

So let’s show Alabama we mean business!!!


6 responses to “Listen Up! Dale Peterson for Alabama Agriculture…

  1. I thought this ad was a perfect example of how so many political ads today are so irrelevant and provide almost no credible or important information to the actual election. In this ad, the portrayal of Peterson on a horse with his cowboy hat is comical and the final focus on the rifle is a perfect touch to the one minute ad that pretty much tells the viewer nothing about his policy plans. While I had a good laugh at the ad, I learned no prevalent information about his plans for action. Is it funny? Yes. Informative, not really.

  2. I’m actually shocked that this ad is even real. I completely agree with you when you mention that it looks like it is a clip from Saturday Night Live because it just seems so “out there” and so irrelevant that you would think that someone running in a election would have a more focused ad that explained information in regards to his campaign. I get that he was probably going for a humourous ad to grab the attention of Alabama voters, but in my opinion he went a little too far in the entertainment direction.

  3. What on earth attracted you to such an obscure race? I wonder how often AL ag commissioner even has ads?

    Did anyone else find the rifle a little disconcerting? Is he suggesting “we’re Republicans” and we shoot people we don’t like?

  4. As a life-long Northerner I have always had a surprising yet deep fascination with Alabama’s agriculture industry and the politics behind the campaigns for Alabama Agriculture Commisioner (kidding!!!)… A good friend of mine who has family in Alabama couldn’t stop laughing when he came across it and was kind enough to forward it on. It has been a memorable video ever since…

  5. I agree with Jordi and found the rifle combined with the line about “taking no prisoners” to be a little scary. In fact, on the whole I found the ad to be really off putting. I felt like he was yelling at me and his inability to form intelligent sounding sentences (even when he had good points) really repulsed me. I couldn’t help but wonder whether this was an effective ad. So although I figured this guy didn’t win, I just wanted to make sure. He got third.

  6. This is a great example of how absurd and ridiculous political campaign ads can be. While this ad is very entertaining, it is sad to think that money was spent on this. I often wonder who comes up with these ads and even some of the ridiculous ones that Romney and Obama have recently aired. This really does look like something from Saturday Night Live. This shows how caught up people can get in the excitement of a campaign.

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