Oh! So that’s what I should be called…

When it comes to politics, I would say I know enough to “get by” as far as having a conversation about the two presidential candidates. I know who I would vote for and I know why, but discussing these reasons is not something that I enjoy at all, so I just tend to avoid politics altogether. But, that wasn’t an option this week (thank you, blog council) , so I decided I’d  take the “newbie” route  and take one of the political philosophy quizzes to see if the views that I have are consistent with my answers on the quiz. I took the Political Typology quiz from Pew Research Center since it was a little more involved, and found that I am technically a Libertarian…along with 9% of the public. So what does this mean?  Basically, Libertarians have a strong republican orientation but the majority identify themselves as independents. Their beliefs are economically very conservative but moderate to liberal on social issues. For instance, they are strongly pro-business, highly critical of government, accepting of homosexuality, less religious than the average American, and have moderate views about immigrants compared to other GOP-oriented groups.


I have always considered myself to be conservative, but my views on certain issues tend to be more moderate than others, especially social issues. This quiz definitely confirmed by beliefs and it officially classified my beliefs as Libertarian, which is something I had never considered before. I guess part of that could be blamed on my general lack of interest in politics, and part of it could be because I just honestly do not know a lot of information on the other political parties out there besides your solid liberal and conservative. I’m not sure if this quiz will really change anything in terms of who I will vote for when it comes to the election, but maybe! Ron Paul for Pres? I guess I’ll have to do a little research on the candidate for my new political typology to find out.


Vote Libertarian?

4 responses to “Oh! So that’s what I should be called…

  1. I could relate a lot with your post in terms of my own beliefs and additionally my lack of enjoyment for publicly discussing them. From my American politics class we found that libertarian views are very common among the younger generation and especially among Bucknell students. One possible reason for this is that many students come from cultures and areas that are conservative or republican. However as a part of a younger generation (and more liberal school) we are exposed to much more liberal views on social issues and the combination leads to a libertarian view. As your survey stated, only 9% of the population identifies with this party, however when we took a survey in class 57% were identified as libertarians. I thought this was very interesting and related nicely with your post!

  2. Just a few thoughts. One, I am glad this gave you a chance to see where your beliefs are (as opposed to support in the two party system). Second, I think it is interesting that you describe the two parties as “conservative or liberal.” I find US parties are actually more like alliances of different factions. This was more true historically, but still so now. For example, many very conservative Republicans still rail against “moderate” or “liberal” Republicans to the point that few are left in the part. Susan Collins, the senator from Maine. Arlen Specter, the senator from Pennsylvania was one who decided to switch parties.

    Third, is it any wonder you know very little about alternatives to Donkeys and Elephants given the stranglehold they have on election law and media coverage?

  3. Does this guy Ron Paul run every time, i don’t get it. Why??? and he loses every time?? I would get discouraged, just saying.

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