The Middle Ground

I like to think that I am fairly up to date on what is going on in the world. I read the newspaper and watch the occasional news broadcast in order to stay current. I don’t, however, enjoy getting caught up on politcal news because the rhetoric associated with the whole system makes me sick. The back and forth mudslinging that goes on between candidates has gotten out of control and usually leads to ineffective discussion. I believe that the real issues often get ignored. For these reasons, I made a decision to avoid political discussion. This doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about or considered the issues, but I think of myself as a “Newbie” with respect to politics because I don’t pay much attention to the candidates or political parties themselves.

I chose to take the Advocates for Self Government quiz in order to get a better idea of where I stand in the political spectrum and bring an end to my blissful ignorance. As it turns out, I’m neither a Republican nor a Democrat, a Conservative nor a Liberal. I’m a Centrist with a thirst for liberty! I’m right on the edge of libertarian, but I’m still most comfortable in the middle ground. So what does this tell me? Mainly, it tells me that I don’t like extremes, but, more importantly, it tells me that I have no idea who to vote for. Now that I’ve defined my political identity, I know that I really don’t agree with either of the candidates about everything.What I really want is a touch of Romney and a dash of Obama mixed with a splash of Paul. So how do I decide who to chose? Do I just pick which person I like the most? How do I know if the type of people I like have the same characteristics as someone qualified to be the leader of a world super power? I don’t know much about the candidates personally because I’ve never had a conversation with either of them and I don’t trust the pundits to make my judgements about people for me. That being said,  I’m sure they ‘re both pretty fun to hang out with. I mean,  I would love to watch some college basketball with Barack or ride jet skis with Mitt, but how does that qualify them to lead my country?

I guess my point is that this “Newbie” is confused and needs help. What criteria is apporpiate for picking who to vote for if I don’t fully agree with either candidate about every issue and I like both equally as people? What do I do if I think both sides of the fight are too extreme?





3 responses to “The Middle Ground

  1. I also consider myself a political newbie for similar reasons that you discuss in your post. After taking the online quiz, I also found myself in between the two candidates, unsure of who to vote for. If you take a look at Ariel’s post, she recommends that us centrists vote for the “lesser of two evils”. I feel as though many young Americans have a similar political view and will also have a difficult time choosing who to vote for in the election. I feel that you summarize the perfect candidate nicely, “What I really want is a touch of Romney and a dash of Obama mixed with a splash of Paul.” However, we can’t vote for two people, so the lesser of two evils approach will have to do!

  2. “What I really want is a touch of Romney and a dash of Obama mixed with a splash of Paul,” sounds like some sort of odd cocktail. If you can make it by Nov 5, maybe there is a business there.

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