A Heartbeat Away…

Politics have changed. A process that was once civil has become an environment of reactive animosity. I don’t pretend to understand politics. As a result of this mentality, I have never attached myself whole heartedly to a political party. Rather, I consider myself to be an independent. My vote is based on who I think will do the best job for the country or a community depending on the level of the election. The option for this week’s blog to explore my political philosophy seemed like a good opportunity. In the grand scheme of things, I have never been one to trust an online quiz to determine what type of “x” or “y” I am. But hey, might as well give it a shot.

The first quiz defined me as a centrist. Centrists prefer a “middle ground” approach regarding government control of the economy and personal behavior. It also says that centrists tend to keep an open mind, oppose political extremes, and emphasize practical solutions to problems. Now this quiz took a grand total of 45 seconds, but the results seem to be realistic. That open mind aspect is consistent with my I try and go about most day to day things, including politics. However, as the time requirement suggests, it was not a very in depth interview of my political views.

The second quiz is where I started to get a little bit agitated. I was having a good deal of trouble answering some of the questions. In certain circumstances, neither of the options seemed to fit my personal views. I almost felt as if the quiz was trying to coerce to be on one side or the other. I don’t feel that there are only two stances when it comes to politics. It’s much more complicated. Perhaps this quiz would be better fit for people who have well defined political views. Either way, it was determined by the quiz that I am a “post modern.” Some of the beliefs of post moderns are that they are generally supportive of government and are liberal on social issues. All in all, I consider myself to be socially liberal, and probably leaning towards being economically conservative. I am not sure how I feel about the results from this quiz. Second guessing myself and even not answering certain questions may have painted me in a different way than I personally see myself. If I were to define myself from the profiles given on this site, I would probably say that I fit best into the libertarian description. Libertarians are economically conservative but moderate to liberal on social issues, are less religious than the average American, and have moderate views about immigrants. These beliefs as well the “who they are” section included on the page seem to fit

The 2012 Presidential Election Between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

me better.

The final quiz was entertaining, but I don’t feel that it has any credibility or use. Oh, I have a 20% match to Rocky Anderson and a 28% match to Joe Biden? Cool dude. I feel like I just took a quiz on match.com or something.

To conclude on these matters, I maintain my stance. Politics is a personal decision, that doesn’t have to be publicly displayed for everyone to see. I personally try to keep my views to myself because I would rather avoid arguments with people about things that I don’t necessarily understand. All in all, I felt that this was a useful blog topic, which created a learning experience and provided a valuable insight into my personal political views.


3 responses to “A Heartbeat Away…

  1. Maybe a true centrist would have trouble with the Pew’s methodology forcing you out of your comfortable little of this, dash of that appraoch?

  2. Politics is personal. Sure. People have a right to privacy. Still, it saddens me when politeness gets in the way of honest discussions about what could be some of the most important issues.

    Maybe if more real people had open conversations and disagreements, then the tone of political dialogue would be less dominated by the professional campaign operatives and marketers with their ads and sound bites. Maybe you (and others) would find it more interesting and less alienating.

    I can hope.

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