Healthcare Reform

One of the biggest issues for me in this upcoming election is healthcare.  Currently, I live in Canada, which has public healthcare, and I definitely would like to see a system like Obamacare, as it was originally intended implemented in the states.  In the end, the welfare of our nation is judged by how well we are able to care for all or citizens, not only the few who can afford private healthcare.

Obamas healthcare policies are aimed at protecting patients with pre-existing conditions, and providing more comprehensive coverage’s for citizens.  Furthermore, it protects against healthcare providers canceling policies.  Perhaps one of the most important aspects of this system however is that it requires all individuals to purchase healthcare, the deterrent being fines.  This is important in that it helps assure everyone is covered, if any medical emergency is to occur.

Romney’s plan on the other hand encourages citizens to purchase private healthcare, and not receive coverage’s through employers.  He also wants coverage to cross state lines, which I believe is one positive aspect of his plan.  He claims in recent debates to agree with some aspects of Obama’s plan such as coverage for patients for preexisting conditions, and even goes as far as to say he wants to make no changes to elderly individuals plans who are already using medicare under the current system, however these assertions seem ungrounded, and inconsistent in where, and how often he makes them.

Overall, I think Obama’s plan is sounder, and while it will initially be more difficult implement, it will eventually increase the welfare of our nation to a far greater extent.


3 responses to “Healthcare Reform

  1. I have to agree with you on this matter. Over the past few years my family has had difficulty with insurance companies. My brother has a pre-existing condition and clearly needs to be protected or it will be seriously detrimental to his health. I wrote my blog post this week about my in-between political stance, but because of my personal stake in this matter and the protection that it can provide to my brother, it is just one of many issues that I must consider when deciding my vote. I respect this post and how you discussed the pros and cons of the two candidate’s plans.

  2. I appreciate your engaging on their ideas about health care reform. I have not heard much from Romney about his specifics.

    How would he deal with 45 million or so Americans with no coverage? With rising costs?

  3. My turn: 1. Canada’s healthcare system is nearly (and on the verge of going bankrupt) so that obviously is something you failed to mention in your post. Makes no sense why liberals portray the Canadian healthcare system as a shining example while it is about to be bankrupt and the average wait for an MRI or specialist visit is not 4 months. This will all look too good to be true for Americans, they will pay for this, and future generations will be left holding the bill. 2. Obamacare is essentially another tax on the country. This includes:3.8 percent surtax tax on investment income and a 0.9 percent surtax on Medicare taxes for individuals making more than $200,000 and families making more than $250,000, 10 percent tax on tanning services and a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical equipment, 40 percent tax on comprehensive health coverage that costs more than the designated cap and new taxes that apply to Flexible Savings Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. ( guess the liberal news forgot to mention all of those too). Please read this ( and you will see why else I think people need to read these bills before claiming they are amazing.

    And when you say it will increase the “welfare of our nation”, I hope you realize that it will infact increase more than the 1/3 of our country that are already takers and it will be sucking money out of the government for years.

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