Mitt Romney: A murderer?

While looking for controversial campaign ads for the upcoming election, I came across an interesting ad created by a pro-Obama SuperPAC that suggests that Mitt Romney is responsible for a woman’s death. Problems occur when political candidates use anecdotes out of context. In this instance, Obama uses a worker who’s circumstance based on Romney’s decision were heartbreaking but may not illustrate the whole story. The timeline of events is inaccurate because although this man lost his health insurance as a result of Romney’s policies, his wife lost her own under different circumstances and didn’t fall ill until a few years after.

I think that a when one campaign starts running ads that accuse the opponent of killing people, the credibility of that campaign would be completely destroyed.  The fact that this ad even aired is completely ridiculous and discredits Obama. I think that the Obama campaign aired this absurd ad to draw attention towards Romney and away from the financial mistakes Obama has made during his first term in office.  Even though this is ad is supposed to depict Romney in a negative light, it may end up putting Obama in a negative light. This ad unfairly puts blame on Romney.

Romney’s released a new rebuttal campaign ad called “America Deserves Better” that asks the question, “Doesn’t America deserve better than a president that will say or do anything to stay in power?”.


8 responses to “Mitt Romney: A murderer?

  1. I agree with you that mudslinging is a big turn off during campaign season. At the same time, I think that in order to continue effectively participating in the political process we have to accept that its there, and make political decisions based on what impact the candidates will have in the future. The fact of the matter is, while these ads are in bad taste (often on both sides) those tastes aren’t specifically those of the president. Obama’s actual role in that video was probably minimal, if even existant, so how is it fair to judge him morally based on it. Furthermore, I feel as if the Romney campaign is just as exploitative of this dramatic situation in its response, as Obamas was in the original assertion. I personally support Obama, however I am also turned off when I get emails, or Facebook messages that are directly attacking candidates. I wish people could move on, and see these messages not as negative, or positive, but as what they are…unimportant.

  2. I totally agree about the unfairness of the pro-Obama ad. I saw this ad on TV over the summer and was annoyed that people would likely be swayed emotionally over this ad. My dad works in private equity, just like Mitt Romney used to, and it’s unfortunate that the whole story is left out. Private Equity firms don’t just close or restructure factories just because they feel like it. There’s a lot more rationale behind Bain Capital’s actions and I feel like the attack on Romney and Bain comes from uninformed opinions.

  3. That advertisement was undoubtedly misleading. It seems that come election time, candidates are more concerned with dragging their opponents through the mud than actually highlighting what they stand for in their commercials. While we often recognize how insanely ridiculous some of the advertisements we see are, it is scary to think about the fact that there are people in America who actually form their voting decisions around these commercials.

  4. I completely agree that this ad crossed the line and almost wrote my post on it as well. It is amazing how low some of these Super PACs will go to advance their candidate and especially concerning how easily Americans are pesuaded by such extreme ads. The media has an influence that I’m afraid a large number of people don’t recognize. When it comes to spoofing controversial ads like these I think SNL did an outstanding job (even funnier than their debtate satires).!watch/401533

  5. This is a perfect example of how the animosity of political campaigns has escalated. Yes, I mentioned in my blog that these types of thing used to be civil, and by that, I simply meant that they were “more civil” than this. I couldn’t agree more that this just make’s Obama look terrible. I’m not entirely sure whether there was a very long thought process put into the crafting and research of this story, but hey, I guess that the pace of election season can make decision making tough. I also saw this ad over the summer and immediately lost a good deal of respect for Obama. I understand that politics is a very cut throat environment, but this one kind of crosses the line. And thank you Brett for the SNL skit, very funny.

  6. The ad came across as complete desperation to me. Actually using an ad saying Mitt Romney is the reason for the death of a woman because she couldn’t afford health care is ridiculous. Like Alyssa said, I would rather see an ad explaining the positive things a candidate would do for the country rather than bashing the opponent. It is sad to think that people will actually believe this ad while it doesn’t provide all the facts. I have lost respect for Obama for backing an ad like this.

  7. This is a great example of why I and many other Americans are becoming more and more disillusioned with our political system. It’s these types of personal attacks that draw attention away from the real issues and inhibit quality discussion.

  8. I saw both of these advertisements online and was pretty disgusted. This situation was very important and I believe that health care is a very sensitive topic for a lot of Americans. However, I don’t think that an issues sensitivity should permit this behavior. Political “mudslinging” is really unattractive and makes me think less of both candidates, not just one.

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