Naming the Newbie

Politics have never been my strong suit. I attribute this to my parents being from completely opposite sides of the political spectrum because they avoided the topic of politics. As a result, I never really formed a political opinion from my parents. They both had different views and they both made sense. I went to a boarding school in Massachusetts with an extremely liberal faculty and a staunchly conservative student body. Once again, both sides made sense and I struggled to form my own opinion. I wasn’t truly interested in the subject matter so, as someone who couldn’t vote, I didn’t really from an opinion like I should have. Now, I’m educated and confused. I’m still stuck in the middle.

A “description” of Libertarianism

Being stuck is aggravating. I don’t have a party to associate with, no opinions that everyone agrees with. I consider myself socially liberal and economically conservative, and unfortunately there isn’t a party for that school of thought. Or, at least, I thought that was the case. After taking this quiz, I found that there was actually a name for my school of thought. According to the quiz, like 9% of other Americans, I can be described as a Libertarian, which, in other words, means I am right in the middle. I really like how this quiz made me think about overarching political issues as well as the small ones and described the “stereotypical” Libertarian. I felt that I agreed with all the general statements the quiz results made. It doesn’t surprise me; but, to be completely honest, I was hoping for a more concrete answer.

Unfortunately, this quiz doesn’t help with my voting dilemma. As an educated American, I plan on utilizing my constitutional right to vote. My confusion aside, I have really been looking forward to voting for President of this country. There is something kind of magical about feeling like your opinion is being heard. However, I am still stuck deciding whom to vote for. I might be a “game day” decision. Or, I am secretly hoping that one of these debates will either inspire or infuriate me. Regardless, come Novembers 6th, I will have to make a decision and I know I will be proud of it.


6 responses to “Naming the Newbie

  1. After looking at each candidate’s stance on different issues, it doesn’t look like either one’s platform completely aligns with my own beliefs. For some things I agree with Obama, for others, Romney. I plan on voting this November but I’m not totally for either choice. I wish that America had more than two majority political parties so more options were available but instead I’ll be voting on the issues that matter most to me and taking the good with the bad.

  2. Ever since I was a kid I thought it would be really cool to be able to vote for the President of the U.S. And like you, at this point I am experiencing a dilemma and I will have to make a decision fairly soon. Another thing that I feel is important is where I cast my vote. Certain states historically stick to one side or the other in politics, but with a swing state like PA I feel like my vote will actually make a difference. It will be interesting to see how things pan out over the next few weeks.

  3. I’m very much in agreement with you that there isn’t really a candidate out there that fits my political beliefs. Like you, I’m very much socially liberal and economically conservative, and there isn’t really a MAJOR candidate out there that is appealing to my beliefs. That’s the thing though, there isn’t a major candidate out of the two reigning parties. I have yet to really investigate the much smaller parties that never even stand a chance come election time, but there could very well be a candidate that is supporting yours and my views. The trouble is that they will never have a chance to make it to the big show unless they are in the democratic or the republican party. It might be a “game day” decision for me as well.

  4. No one is a straight-line Republican or Democrat, because none of these exist. Every person has different values and beliefs that go against the party they support. The keys to voting is researching the candidate’s stances on issues, and deciding whose general belief system you most believe in. Essentially you are voting for the lesser of two evils, because you’ll disagree with at least one issue.

  5. I can see what your saying Mara, definitely respect it, but I think when it comes to the main issue in this election (the economy) there is really only one correct vote. I voted Republican in the last election, but still thought that Obama had a chance at being a decent President. The fact of the matter is Obama has had his four years, and though he is a great politician, he proved to be a horrible President that only made the crappy situation he took on significantly worse.

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