Save Our Economy- Vote Mitt Romney

If you couldn’t tell, I am voting for Mitt Romney. You may think that the fact that I am a conservative Republican would be the main reason, but I can assure you, that is not the main reason. Barack Obama was elected President in the 2008 election on the promise that he would bring change to the government and hope for the people of this nation. He promised unemployment would go down, he would grow the economy, and that he would cut our national debt in half. Well folks, he did not do any of that. After 4 years unemployment has just went below the level (barely) that it was when Obama took office (election time coming up, ironic? cough cough) , our national debt has increased significantly (more than doubled), and our economy is now growing at a slower rate than it was when Obama took office. Now the Obama/Biden ticket is asking for another 4 years and the worst thing is PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT TO VOTE FOR HIM AGAIN!!! Are you joking?! The main issue in this election is without a doubt our economy/national debt and all politics aside, the fact of the matter is Barack Obama has nearly driven our country off the fiscal cliff. LOOK AT THE FACTS PEOPLE!! History shows that economies improve (and bubbles are created) when 4 things are simultaneously happening. These are: laisezz fare government, low interest rates, increased leverage, and abnormal public participation. When these are repeatedly picked apart, the economy collapses and the bubble will burst. Barack Obama has taken the most important leg out of the “table”, he has done away with laisezz faire government and has increased regulation on Wall Street which is costing the firms money and decreasing jobs. Mitt Romney is a very successful businessman who has proved throughout his career he can bring struggling businesses and economies significant growth. In my mind, it is no question who should be the next President, but that is just me. I can honestly say that I will be voting for ABO (“Anybody But Obama), because I truly believe anyone Republican, Democrat, or Independent could do a better job fixing our economy than another 4 years of what we just experienced. Please do the poll a the bottom of the post!



13 responses to “Save Our Economy- Vote Mitt Romney

  1. Ok, I totally understand that several economic indicators are weak or bad. 1) Unemployment is too high. 2) Federal deficit and debt are high and increasing. 3) Median household wealth is lower. 4) Overall GDP growth is around 2%

    What has Obama done, or what would Romney do differently, to address any of these specifically?

    Finally, some other financial points. 1) Interest rates on US debt are still very low meaning that investors still like US debt relative to anything else they can buy. Hence, if you are going to go into debt to stimulate the economy, now is the time to do it. 2) Three indices of stocks, the S&P 500, Dow Jones, and Nasdaq, are all UP between 40-80% compared to January 2009. How does that square with your analysis ofStock Indices since Jan 2009, form Yahoo Finance the total mismanagement of the US economy?

  2. While the economy is the primary issue in this election, there are many other reasons why people may choose to vote for a certain candidate. Romney may be a “successful” businessman, but he still hasn’t released his taxes after repeated requests. I don’t know if successful is the proper word for him though. He is very wealthy and made a great deal of money for Bain, but at what cost? He caused many people to lose their jobs, which in this day and age I find inexcusable. He also can’t seem to give specifics for how he will reduce the deficit. Numerous newspapers have looked at the numbers and have either deemed it impossible or say that the only way to do it would be to hurt the middle class. When candidate makes statements that he can’t back up, I get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

    On the other hand, I totally agree with you on Obama. He made many promises in 2008 that four years later have yet to come true. That really disappoints me. This election for me seems like it will be about selecting the “least bad” candidate.

  3. I think in every election there are issues that seem to be at the forefront of voters concern and this year it is definitely the economy. What strikes me as ludicrous is that after everything that has happened it Greece and Italy, Americans and our government continue to support the exact same policies that tanked those economies. Massive debts, artificially low interest rates, huge public pension funds- sounds like the U.S. to me. This idea that America is “too big to fail” is disturbing and I’ll be voting for Romney because Obama has shown little interest in addressing the problem of overspending and a growing national debt.

    • Laura, I think this is a really great point. Say what you want about the potential good associated with Obama’s policies, the bottom line is that very similar policies have been failing all over the world. Maybe Obama’s policies are different enough from those of the other countries to be successful. But if they’re not, I just don’t see how such a massive increase in spending without a significant increase in revenue could work out for the best.

  4. First off, I don’t think its relevant to say that Romney was a good businessman, because the skills required in healing the US economy are not the same as those required to make an individual successful in business.
    Secondly, I hate to beat a dead horse, but economic change comes slowly. Pulling an economy out of a recession is not a task that is done with any one policy being passed. It takes major infrastructural changes, which Obama has consistently been trying to make. If anything, bipartisan politics are to blame for diluting, and making ineffective important fiscal policies that lean too far to the left or right.
    Thirdly, I would say that Romney’s economic plans for the coming years are far from sound. As he points out, in order to reduce our deficit we need to either raise taxes, or to reduce government spending. Despite this he does not plan on changing many key tax deductions, or implementing any tax increases. What he does plan on doing is increasing military and other government spending. As Obama pointed out in the first presidential debate, his math simply doesn’t work out. If anything I would say Romney should have learned arithmetic before working on all those business skills.

  5. I disagree when you say that his previous success in business isn’t relevant. Romney was tasked with starting an entirely new arm of the Bain business, and built it into what is now one of the largest private equity firms in the country. He has a knowledge of how business functions on an every day level, and Obama’s previous work experience does not reflect that. Obviously it is a difficult task to turn the economy around in 4 short years, but I haven’t seen enough change to be confident going forward with Obama for another 4 years.

  6. To Jordi’s comments: 1. Yes economic bubbles are not a bad thing! They promote growth to the economy and can actually be sustainable for long periods of time and managed properly (in theory). The issue with bubbles is usually when the government gets involved and creates major issues (laisezz faire government disappears). 2. The reason why the major indicies are up is because the United States has been downgraded, and the fixed income products/securities are not generating solid returns (or alpha), therefore investors are forced to now invest in equities because there is a chance of some return. The fact is that, realistically, the economy is seriously inflated by this and investors are very scared of the results of the election. If Obama is elected President, there is a strong chance of more strict regulation on wall street and those major indicies will completely collapse and investors may look to invest outside of the US or go back to the depression era and put their money “under their mattress”.

    To Brian: 1. Mitt Romney has released tax returns (approximately 13.9-14.5%). Also, please keep in mind this is a man who has donated 30% of his income annually to chairty (more than Obama and Biden combined) so it is not like the man is hording his money. 2. Newspapers can say what they want, Obama isn’t doing anything to fix it and does not deserve another 4 years. 3. Keep in mind that if those businesses did not “trim the fat” off the company, then the entire company would go under and even more people would go unemployed. So, for the greater good, some had to lose their jobs.

    kshrivast: With all do respect, what are you talking about? Mitt Romney was one of the most successful businessmen in the country and that is not something anyone is arguing. 2. Economic growth comes slowly, sure okay I’ll play along, but does nearly trippling the deficit to our country to the point where foreign nations essentially control us help the case? Keep in mind that the United States credit rating was DOWNGRADED under Obama. That is an embarassment. 3. Also do not understand when you say that bipartisan politics is an issue? If anything we should be more bipartisan so we can achieve more as a nation. (Mitt Romney a Republican Governor of a majority democratic state used bipartisan politics to turn the state around as did Chris Christie in NJ). 4. If you increase taxes on the “wealthy”, then money to charities goes down, expensive cars are not bought which will lead to a decrease in revenue for car dealerships, which will hurt the demand in the auto industry, which will lead to a decrease in jobs; waitresses that work at high end restaraunts and are used to those 20-30% tips to make ends meat will not see those tips and may not be able to feed their family. It all snowballs and that is what people are not seeing. This is a country that has always thrived at the fact that many people are incentivised to do well, why should we take away that incentive? 5. Military spending should not be decreased at a time like this. Look at Libya? Are you joking? Obama’s administration ignored the request for more security and then tried to cover up the fact that the embassy that was attacked was actually a terrorist attack? Also, Iran is a major threat to our country and the world in general, Al Queaida is growing rapidly in northern Africa, and by decreasing the amount of government spending we will only make ourselves look weak. 6. Honestly? Taking a cheap shot at the guys math skills? I’m most certain that spending trillions of dollars doesn’t help you get a surplus last time I checked. Keep listening to the liberal news stations and believe what you want, but honestly do your own research and don’t watch liberal or even conservative news, you will be very surprised. (adding this) Just want to point out that in your post you mentioned you were from Canada, well Canada has actually decreased taxes and cut spending to fix their economy.

  7. You might find it more efficient to use a “rifle” approach to each comment rather than your “shotgun:” So, that would be to reply to each person in turn.

  8. A president is asked to install economic policies that will somehow promote growth, avoid catastrophes, and expand opportunity (whatever that means… its complex). The President is not CEO-in-chief, nor Banker-in-chief, nor VP of HR -in-chief, nor unemployment-counselor-in-chief.

    I think any candidate’s past experience is relevant for what it says about how she or he makes decisions under pressure, with competing interests, with limited information, and so on.

    Romney spends more time talking about his career as businessman and as the head of the Salt Lake Olympics than he does as governor of MA. If memory serves, Obama talked more about being a community organizer than a Law Professor (or author). Candidates make their choices.

    I think it is reasonable to point out that the goals of a private businessperson will differ greatly from the goals of US economic policy. What was good for Bain is not always the same as what is best for the US or her citizens, all of them covered by our founding documents, from poorest to richest. (And you can substitute Bain for any other candidate’s former employer).

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