Fat Kids and Michelle

For some odd reason, American’s love controversy.  If there is no controversy mixed, we do not want any part of it.  How can something as simple as fighting obesity in children cause so much drama.  We know first ladies for they do in the community and for kids.  They launch simple campaigns such as literacy, community gardens and living healthy.  These campaigns usually involve children.  They are simple, uncontroversial and yet necessary.  However, I have been hearing a lot of talk about some people disliking our first lady, Michelle Obama, because she does not want to accept overweight kids.  In her Let’s Move Campaign, Mrs. Obama wants to change them by promoting healthy living.  Politics aside, this just sounds crazy.  Why are we even entertaining this?

The National Association to Advance Fat People Acceptance is outraged over First Lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to fight childhood obesity“.  All I have to say is REALLY?????  This video is really worth checking out.  Maybe someone can explain exactly what he problem is.  After seeing this video, I researched more and found other disturbing things that I will not comment on but if anyone has time you can look them up.

“Obesity Campaigns: The Fine Line Between Educating and Shaming” does get me to understand that promoting a healthy and active lifestyle is good but when we are dealing with kids we have to be more cautious on how  message in conveyed.  Overall this caught my eye more than any political issue.  I also realize that if you really do not like someone, you will find a reason not to like them, no matter how absurd.  https://i2.wp.com/www.cartoonaday.com/images/cartoons/2010/02/Michelle-Obama-Obese-Kids-390x220.jpg


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