Where’s My Political Party?

I tend to view myself as a democrat, but that’s based upon my social beliefs more so than my fiscal or economic beliefs. Historically, I’ve never reallybeen a huge fan of politics though. The reasoning behind this though has changed over the years. Generally, I consider myself a bit of a newbie when it comes to discussing actual “politics” in terms of policies and the different powers within the government, but I do have ver strong opinions about political issues.

I used to really dislike politics only because it annoyed me. People that discussed politics annoyed me. Political discussions always ended up with two frustrated sides that often ended in a screaming match. I distanced myself as much as I could from politics and political discussions.

Today, I’m a bit older and a bit wiser so my dislike for politics is much more rational. What is it about politics that I dislike so much? The fact that there are only TWO major political parties that we must choose from every single election: the Democratic and Republican Parties. People categorize

themselves as democrats or republicans, liberal or conservative, and in the words of the legendary Chris Rock, like to pretend they’re in some sort of “gang”. This Political Typography Quiz that I took only justifies my argument even more.

The directions state, “To identify your typology group, select one response from each of the paired statements below.  Even if neither statement is exactly right, choose the response that comes closest to your views.” I found myself not agreeing with many of these statements exactly, but they’re based on what a democrat believes and what a republican believes. It labeled me as a “New Coalition Democrat”  which is more on the moderate side, which I agree with, but their supposed beliefs I did not agree with for the most part.

People get upset when politicians like Mitt Romney supposedly completely change their political standpoints come debate time. Yes, it’s not good to be a “flip-flopper” but our system provokes this behavior. Our country needs a moderate candidate that can view both sides of the coin, but a solid moderate candidate such as Rudy Giuliani can never be elected. Why? Because the only way to be the Democratic or Republican candidate for presidency is to strictly appeal to that party during the primaries, leaving no room for moderate candidates.

So the major issue that I’d like answered this election is…where exactly is my party?


One response to “Where’s My Political Party?

  1. I like this. Its true peoples political opinions generally land on a spectrum as opposed to far to the left or right. Furthermore, categorizing things in such black, and white terms causes a lot of immediate judgment, and discounts peoples opinions due to their subscriptions. Exacerbating this further is the fact that political candidates often attack opposing parties, and use this hatred as a method of gaining voters. I think overall, as individuals we should reexamine our political views, and use our system in a way that really exemplifies the ideas on which it was founded.

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