Which Ever Way the Wind Blows

This ad was run by George W. Bush in 2004 during his re-election year. The video doesn’t say anything about what George Bush will do for the country. Instead it bashes John Kerry. Specifically the video says that John Kerry voted for the Iraq war, and then said he was against it. Then he supported it again, and then he finally decided to oppose it. He also voted for the $87 billion for our troops, and then he said he was against it. He voted for educational reform, but said he was against it. Finally he said he was against increasing Medicare premiums even though he voted for it five times. John Kerry is wind surfing throughout the whole ad. He surfs a different direction every time he opposes something and every time he supports something.

This is a humorous video that probably was the most damaging ad against John Kerry for the 2004 election period. It didn’t give John Kerry a positive image at all. The ad gave the message to the American people that John Kerry cannot make up his mind on important issues. If he can’t make up his mind, why should people trust him to run our country? In the end this ad helped aid in Bush’s victory in the 2004 election.


4 responses to “Which Ever Way the Wind Blows

    • The ad made people believe that John Kerry couldn’t stick to one opinion or view. As president you have to be very confident in your point of views and consistent with how you vote on certain issues. Going back and forth on important topics like the Iraq war and educational reform is irritating. This ad proved to people that John Kerry questioned his own decisions a lot. Not having a confident president would be bad for any country.

  1. Concentrating on putting down the competition as opposed to explaining why you are the best has always been a pet peeve of mine. My opinion on this does not stop with political campaigns, and in fact didn’t start with political campaigns. I hate it when a commercial for a company like Coca Cola puts down a company like Pepsi. I know that in presidential elections it is of the utmost importance to show the public why they are better than their competition, but I think there is a lot to be said about a candidate being able to convince the public that they are the correct person for the job with minimal bashing of the opponents.

  2. The fact that most campaign ads say nothing about a candidates own policies is obviously absurd. It’s interesting to watch the evolution of these ads. My ad during the Reagan era only focused on the president’s accomplishments during his term. Hopefully one day we can get back to that style of campaign ad.

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